Photos from a Blow Pony pre-party

Drag star Sally Ingus Wilder was gracious enough to provide her Blow Pony pre-function photobooth party pics. So check ’em out below as well and get more fun photos on the qPDX gallery page.

Last of the best of 2010

Best Pride backup crew! Photo by Diana Edwards

So it’s been quite a week of reliving 2010. Truthfully I’m a little burned out. But before you shed all your summer skin and head into the depths of 2011 fresh and new here are a few last looks back at some of the “best” random sh** of the year…

Most asked question

What time is the dyke march? (A wink […]

Miss Thing Grand Prize winner Sally Ingus Wilder

Host Heklina presents the cash prize to winner Sally Ingus Wilder. Photo by Marty Davis

This Friday saw bunches of queers lined up in front of the Fez Ballroom to see the final drag smackdown at Miss Thing wondering if it was already sold out. Actually it wasn’t, and the hype and attitude was a little intense for an event that ended up having plenty of elbow room. But […]

Don’t shade your eyes for Peep Show

Sally Ingus Wilder

Variety shows, drag and performance art in Portland can be hit or miss. For as many mind-blowing acts, there are long drawn out talent shows featuring more talking than artistry. But local (and NICE) drag diva Artemis Chase has hit on something fabulous with this year’s Miss Thing so I have no doubts that tomorrow’s Peep Show will be equally worth seeing.

I was just discussing […]

Photos and video from March’s Miss Thing featuring winner Sally Ingus Wilder

Congratulations to first time drag performer Sally Ingus Wilder, who took Miss Thing by storm Wednesday night and walked home with the title. If you weren’t there you missed out. Luckily we have some great photos provided by Allison May and Sarah Ditson to provide just a hint at the amazingness.

You may also experience Sally’s winning performance, featuring the live vocals of Allison May in this video below.

Believe […]

Miss Thing does Broadway

Sally Ingus Wilder debuts

This month’s Miss Thing: Broadway Babes on Wednesday is a tribute to all things showtune. Hosted by Heklina and the ladies of Trannyshack, San Francisco Miss Thing takes to the Fez (316 SW 11th Ave) monthly to showcase thematic drag numbers that have a chance of winning it all. And by all I mean a “best of show” performer will be chosen to compete in […]