Photos from Portland Drag Race’s monster edition

A contestant gives it her all while the judges look on.

Drag is well known for pushing the boundaries of art and fashion in the mainstream but what about within drag itself? The juxtaposition of “beautiful” vs. “monstrous” drag is an idea that the queer and drag communities are exploring from tiny stages to to RuPaul’s Drag Race itself (Sharon Needles, the postergirl for monster drag, is a qPDX fave). This week Portland’s Drag Race focused on monstrous and genderf*ck drag and contributor Lyska Mondor was there to catch the action in photos (below the break).

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Photos from the first installment of Portland Drag Race season 4

Contestants at Portland Drag Race season 4. Photo by Marty Davis.

The Portland version of the popular drag reality competition Drag Race is back (and at the same time as RuPaul’s national Logo television show). The first “episode” happened last Thursday at Red Cap Garage and photographer Marty Davis was there to catch some snapshots, which you can see below the break

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Homomentum is back with a bang (photos & live review)

Doriloves Youall and Puppetrator X perform at Homomentum. Photo by Ty Chance. Do not use without permission.

Friday’s re-introduction to Homomentum with its third season opener, Myths & Legends, was quite possibly the best one yet. The stellar lineup surprised and delighted finding new energy in performance artists we’ve seen grace their stage before, as well as creative first timers. It was a fairly lengthy show, and yet I was never bored.

Glitterfruit started the show with an inspirational and beautiful protest song that had emcee Max Voltage in a slightly more serious (dare I say butch?) outfit that transitioned perfectly to the be-maned and sparkly unicorn outfit for the rest of the show. Swagger, the skillful but fun dance and teaching troupe, has reinvented themselves as Compound and were as fashionable and compelling as ever. Felice Shays had a particularly successful comedy routine that eschewed her usual food porn in favor of a more restrained but incredibly hilarious narrative about the rules of polyamoury.

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Photos from last night’s Wild Flag show

Brownstein belting it out at Wild Flag's record release party at the Doug Fir Wednesday Nov 9th. Photo by Taylor Hatmaker

Local super group sensations Wild Flag have just released their self-titled debut album and are still in the process of celebrating it will a string of 3 shows. Yesterday saw an all ages in store at Jackpot Records as well as the first of two shows at the Doug Fir.

Tonight sees the second that the bands and audience are gearing up for as we speak. So to get excited for those of you who are going, to relive for those of you there last night, or to catch a glimpse for those of you not able to attend at all (i.e. me) fellow blogger Taylor Hatmaker was able to catch some really great snapshots of last night’s show the she was willing to share here below the break.

I’m finding their Freshman release to be good, though not as earth-shattering as what I may have hoped from a lineup that includes some of my most treasured high school band crushes. Then again, I’m much more cynical and discerning than I was in high school so maybe the album is every bit as good as I thought Sleater-Kinney was in the 90s. Judge for yourself. You can stream the whole Wild Flag album at on their Merge record label website.

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Soccer hottie Hope Solo poses nude for the ESPN body issue (photos AND video)

Hope Solo poses nude for the ESPN Magazine Body issue out today

I may not be much of a sports buff, but when jock ladies are actually in the buff that’s a while different matter. And actually I’m riding the wave of women’s soccer enthusiasm too, just because we kick so much ass. So I may be a sports fan yet. It certainly helps when America’s favorite (lesbian, though not officially out I suppose, though I get so tired of the distinction when they’re really pretty much out) goalie, Hope Solo, poses naked for ESPN.

Solo is one of 22 athletes featured in ESPN The Magazine’s third-annual Body Issue, on stands today. She is currently in the spotlight on two fronts,  starting goal keeper for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team and current competitor in this season’s Dancing with the Stars on ABC. Who do we root for? Chaz or Hope?! Oh, the important questions in life. Well, the shallow part in me definitely says Hope after seeing these shots…

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Photos from this weekend’s Peep Show with Carmen Carrera

This Friday Red Cap Garage saw a sensual performance by the lovely Miss Carmen Carrera of RuPaul’s Drag Race as well as a host of amazing Peep Show characters. Contributor Lyska Mondor caught some great shots of the night.

Submit your photos to A Day with HIV in America

A Day with HIV in America 2010 submission

This September 21st is the 2nd annual Day with HIV in America, and they are looking for contributions from you. A project of Positively Aware, a magazine devoted to HIV treatment and wellness, Day with HIV aims to tell the stories of those affected by HIV and AIDS by capturing a collective portrait of those living with the virus.

The magazine is inviting people across America to snap a digital photograph at any time over the course of September 21.  Participants can record a portrait, time with friends and family at work or play, or any moment in the day that helps the world better understand life with HIV. Photos are to be submitted by September 26 on the A Day with HIV in America web site or emailed to The site has pictures from last year as well as photo ideas and tips.

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Photos from this week’s Drag Out PDX

Alternative drag takes to the streets of Portland. Photo by Samuel Thomas.

Drag Out PDX brings gender non-conformity to the streets of Portland every other Wednesday this summer. It’s a great way to get outdoors and celebrate keeping Portland qWeird. These shots are from this Wednesday August 17, 2011 and are courtesy Samuel Thomas. To learn more about DO-PDX and to participate check out their Facebook group: and thank you for supporting the alternative drag community!

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Photos from the weekend’s Mattachine party with John Cameron Mitchell

John cameron Mitchell spins at Portland's Mattachine Saturday August 6, 2011. Photo by Ty Chance.

While yours truly may have conked out early due to sun exposure it seems like everyone else made it out to last Saturday’s Mattachine party with John Cameron Mitchell. Thanks to Ty Chance for providing us with some great photos.

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Photos from Portland’s first SlutWalk

Slutwalk Portland 2011

For a minute let’s not think about the Canadian police officer who prompted this whole Slut walking protests by implying slutty women deserve to be raped. Let’s gloss over the back and forth bickering between self-proclaimed sluts and their blogging detractors. Instead, it’s time to see the photos from Portland’s first Slutwalk and revel in everyone’s gloriously skimpy and sexy attire. Because we do this as much for joy as for justice.

So I’ve, once again, recruited some snapshots from the fabulous Melody Awesomazing, who, whether or not she knows it, has been quasi-recruited as qPDX photographer. But, readers, I aim to recruit you as well, so hopefully these 11 pics are just the beginning of what you will see. We want you to contribute your Slutwalk photos and photos of any other PDX queers bein’ queer. So send ’em to and we’ll get them up on the site post haste!

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