Photos from Portland’s first SlutWalk

Slutwalk Portland 2011

For a minute let’s not think about the Canadian police officer who prompted this whole Slut walking protests by implying slutty women deserve to be raped. Let’s gloss over the back and forth bickering between self-proclaimed sluts and their blogging detractors. Instead, it’s time to see the photos from Portland’s first Slutwalk and revel in everyone’s gloriously skimpy and sexy attire. Because we do this as much for joy as for justice.

So I’ve, once again, recruited some snapshots from the fabulous Melody Awesomazing, who, whether or not she knows it, has been quasi-recruited as qPDX photographer. But, readers, I aim to recruit you as well, so hopefully these 11 pics are just the beginning of what you will see. We want you to contribute your Slutwalk photos and photos of any other PDX queers bein’ queer. So send ’em to and we’ll get them up on the site post haste!

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