QPDX.COM is entirely self-funded. Meaning: We pay for everything ourselves—minus the tiny bit of revenue that we get from selling google ads on the site (we’ve made 6 dollars so far!). Everything means everything. The webspace. The equipment. The time that we invest in the site. Lucky for us, we’re in it for the love. And unlike money, love is always in abundance.

Unfortunately, love can’t buy us the few niceties that would make that much more excellent. So we created a wish list of things and people that we could use. In return, you can rest knowing that you helped out the most awesome queer news and views site this side of the Rocky Mountains. We will also shower you with affections.


-video camera

-digital camera (doesn’t have to be super high quality)

-audio recording gear

-access to free black and white photocopies

-sticker paper

-printing services (flyers, tshirts)

-merch we can customize and sell



-writers who want to write one-off reports for events, or become long term collaborators. We are specifically looking for gay men, and trans identified people.

-marketing and promotional support. Do you want to help us flyer, or have a great idea how we can promote

-ad reps/business types—no one at knows a stitch about selling ads, generating revenue, etc.

Do you have any of the above and/or are interested in collaborating with us? Please get in touch – email perry at qpdx dot com today!

Consider supporting our work by donating to us: [paypal-donation]