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Dapper fagette

Dapper fagette

Alley Hector

I confess, I did study gender in college…but I hope to keep these entries as far from an academic exercise as possible; instead these words are how I’m living as a queer individual. Because queer is not only an investigation, a political perspective, a nightclub theme, a new pop cultural literacy (although it is all those things), it is an (occasionally) peculiar lens through which I view this corner of the world we call the Pacific Northwest. It is here that I grew up, came out, and discovered a community of amazing individuals. If you search hard enough to may be able to spot my name and image in the mid 90s publications: Personal Deity Proxy, a queer youth zine I wrote for and edited, and Vancouver’s daily newspaper, The Columbian, in which I was profiled as an out gay teen. (Some more recent, if less high school nostalgic, publications I’ve written for include, Just Out,, The Willamette Week and DVDTalk)

I could go on with all manner of information on my history and interests, but I am sure that which is relevant will be revealed in time. Besides, I’ve got to retain some mystery, haven’t I?

Contact Al: alley at qpdx dot com


Boy Joy

Seth Gottesdiener

When Seth Gottesdiener is not working like a madman, he enjoys running, DJing & producing events as well as being an active member of Portland’s queer community. In his 23 years he has lived on both coasts of America and travelled to many countries, yet Portland is what he considers his home sweet home. Currently he hopes to contribute to QPDX online by sharing his insight of the PDX DJ community and current music as well as  all of his classic favorites.



Mike Burt

Mike of all trades

Mike is a Portland local who works as a general contractor for graphic/web design and photography. He has worked with businesses and non-profits in the area for the last 7 years including Portland Community College, Cascade AIDS Project, and Basic Rights Oregon.

He has a passion for portrait photography (esp. drag queens) and is completely obsessed with paper crafts.

Contact Mike: mike @ qpdx dot com

Previous contributors include Erin Rook and Adina Lepp.