Even before the predictions of the demise of the newspaper started to come true, GLBTQ news was not often found on the front page. Indeed, when queer issues did come to the forefront of mainstream discussion there were still many members of our community that were left out. It was my goal when I began qPDX as part of to make sure those issues, events, arts, and projects that were often subsumed to be given a place where they could have a voice.

As qPDX has become an independent entity and publications are struggling to survive it is even more imperative that a diverse array of queer opinions do not get lost.

In order to be the comprehensive resource that I envisioned I needed to recruit some help. And, as queer identities and culture are continually growing and changing so, too is qPDX. Several individuals have contributed here and we continue to grow and diversify as a publication, always striving to reflect our community.

We welcome conversation, discussion and even argument, as differing opinions can only serve to strengthen the dialogue.

We also want qPDX to be a space of celebration and empowerment. We do our best to cover as much as we can from Portland and the entire Pacific Northwest.

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