Homomentum is back with a bang (photos & live review)

Doriloves Youall and Puppetrator X perform at Homomentum. Photo by Ty Chance. Do not use without permission.

Friday’s re-introduction to Homomentum with its third season opener, Myths & Legends, was quite possibly the best one yet. The stellar lineup surprised and delighted finding new energy in performance artists we’ve seen grace their stage before, as well as creative first timers. It was a fairly lengthy show, and yet I was never bored.

Glitterfruit started the show with an inspirational and beautiful protest song that had emcee Max Voltage in a slightly more serious (dare I say butch?) outfit that transitioned perfectly to the be-maned and sparkly unicorn outfit for the rest of the show. Swagger, the skillful but fun dance and teaching troupe, has reinvented themselves as Compound and were as fashionable and compelling as ever. Felice Shays had a particularly successful comedy routine that eschewed her usual food porn in favor of a more restrained but incredibly hilarious narrative about the rules of polyamoury.

And yet, over the top most definitely still has its place at ‘momentum. Chipmunk burlesque with some truly brilliant between the legs surprises from Baby LeStrange might be my favorite new form of drag. But that’s probably because I have been told I have chipmunk cheeks since birth and it’s some sort of sexy validation. But frogs, pigs and unicorns also got plenty of attention.

Kermit found out that sometimes it is easy being green when you’ve got a sexy pig to help you stroke your banjo when Doriloves Youall and Puppetrator X took over the stage. Just the right amount of wrong applied to beloved childhood characters that were already a little more naughty than a purple dinosaur. And nothing could have been more mythologically epic than the birthing ceremony of the nearly extinct creatures of the Gillicorn Blessing. Their act was the perfect show closer, with bright spikes of ticker tape, rainbow boas, sparkly manes, tails and horns and I believe a metaphor for unicorn coitus. Whatever it was it was fabulous, and the crowd went crazy, satiated from the night of spectacle.

If you missed it, or just want to relieve the color, check out these amazing shots by Ty Chance.

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