A weekend of art and music with lesbian softball stories, Fruitillion, the Bathers, Tender Forever, Mattachine and more

Wayne Bund's photo series 'The Bathers' opens Saturday at East End

Check back for our preview of Siren Nation festival, which will encompass the entirety of the weekend. As if you didn’t have enough to work with below.


Thursday may not see a whole bunch of new nights but there’s always the stellar, incredibly danceable and Smiths-loving Dirtbag! at the Know (with special guest DJ Ill Camino) and […]

Photos from the weekend’s Mattachine party with John Cameron Mitchell

John cameron Mitchell spins at Portland's Mattachine Saturday August 6, 2011. Photo by Ty Chance.

While yours truly may have conked out early due to sun exposure it seems like everyone else made it out to last Saturday’s Mattachine party with John Cameron Mitchell. Thanks to Ty Chance for providing us with some great photos.


A weekend of John Cameron Mitchell’s Mattachine, Crush’s anniversary block party, a Genderf***ing takeover, and some sweet, sexy and dirty regulars

John Cameron Mitchell (center) in the DJ booth at Mattachine in NYC with PJ DeBoy and Amber Martin. Here this Saturday at Mississippi Studios. Photo by Mark Tusk.


Monthly QPOC social – It’s hard being a person of color in Portland, Oregon, so much more even as a queer POC. I have my own inner-ish with the whole idea, but I’m down to meet others in a summer […]

Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival starts Friday

Pride may be the gayest time of year but Portland gets another shot at a week of all queer all the time (well, that might be all year truthfully) when the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival rolls into town at the summer’s end.

This year’s fest seems a bit short and sparse but there’s sure to be some gems stuffed in there. I’ll be previewing each night and offering […]

John Cameron Mitchell interview: Though he’s a New Yorker at Heart Hedwig creator thinks Portland is a model for the future

While John Cameron Mitchell, creator of Hedwig and the Angry Inch was in town for a screening of his new film Shortbus (see review below), I was able to sit down with him and keep him from having fun… […]

Get on the Shortbus

Though the Portland Gay and Lesbian Film Festival isn’t until October, tonight kicks of the pride of fall with a Cinema 21 screening of John Cameron Mitchell’s (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) eyebrow… […]