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Ill Camino

qPDX is starting a new feature! Every week we will introduce you to a local LGBTQ party DJ and ask them about their experiences in the scene and feature an audio mix they’ve made. If you’re interested in being featured contact

This week’s DJ, Ill Camino, basically has parties all the damn but this coming couple weeks are big’uns. Thursday sees the return of the school year at The Cafeteria – Saved by the Bell edition and Saturday will take is all to a world of Bartertown and Mad Max with Mrs. Beyond Thunderdome.

When and how did you get started DJing?

My first gig ever was in my hometown of Salem, in what was the only gay club in town called “the 300 club”. It came about through a friend of mine who totally lied and said I had DJ’ed before. The truth was just that I REEEEALLY loved music. The first queer Portland nights I was involved with were a party called “Movement” – later changed to “Partyline” – at Holocene with Vera Domini and Amber Valentine, and a queer hip hop nite at Berbati’s called “The Boom” with Conrad Loebl, Vera Domini and Kristin Ogata.

How did you get your DJ name?

It was given to me by my BFF Sarah who didn’t like that I was going by “DJ Wesley”. Its great cuz iLL Camino is totally a pun. I love puns.

Who are you influences/inspirations?

So cheesy and gay but… my mom! She is fierce. But musically, I’d say any really queeny disco and house performers. Sylvester, Azari & III, Larry Levan, and definitely the Voguers from “Paris is Burning”. Any queers “paving the way”, really. People who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves!

Why do you DJ?

I DJ because I LOVE MUSIC! And I love making people dance. Its so primal! And it helps me make my living, which is not bad at all.)

What parties/clubs do you currently DJ?

I DJ twice a month at The Matador for Maricon – – (usually 1st and 3rd saturdays), once a month at Mississippi Studios for Mrs. – – (usually 1st or 2nd Saturdays), last Thursdays at Vendetta for Cafeteria – , 4th Saturdays at Yes and No for Evol –, and also my newest venture HATERZ, which is a mostly hip hop night also at Yes and No (on 3rd Fridays.)

What genres of music do you like to play?

I play alot of house lately, but love playing hip hop, electro, old school goth and industrial, whatever gets people dancing. I don’t understand people who are like “I only listen to _____”. That is crazy to me.

What are some of your current favorite tracks?

Azari & III-Manic, Chelley-Took the Night, Anika-Yang Yang, Cerrone-Supernature, Blood Orange-Champagne Coast, //TENSE//-Disconnect Myself, Gang Gang Dance-Mindkilla, Beth Ditto-Open Heart Surgery. So many more!!!

What do you wish would stop being played out right now?

My hate list is pretty short. I won’t play Black Eyed Peas, eminem, Kesha, or Katy Perry. Black eyed peas I think are just awful, as is Kesha. As far as Eminem and Katy Perry, I find their music to be often homophobic, and that to me has no place at a queer nite… i’m not the most “PC” person, but eminem ESPECIALLY makes me sick.

What was your WORST DJ experience?

Greedy promoters underpaying their DJs (you know who you are) or other DJs throwing shade cuz they think they are more talented/have better equipment/whatever. i have no patience for that. i’m like, “cool, your record collection is amazing, but are you making this room full of people dance???” that is WAY more important to me. Why sit there and stroke your own music ego at the expense of people’s good time? Also one time at Mrs., a drunk woman spilled a beer on the soundboard at the very beginning of the night. our lovely soundguy had to go home and get his own soundboard, but we were without music til almost 11:30. SO STRESSFUL! the nite ended up amazing though.

What was your BEST DJ experience?

Anytime I get to play with people i love! Anytime people dance, or come up to me and say nice things. Anytime I beat match for all (or at least most) of the nite

What makes a DJ experience good for you?

Nice people. Fair promoters. Working equipment. Decent amount of drink tickets. Hahaha!

What are your main pieces of equipment and your favorite?

I have the most basic DJ setup ever! Shout out to Mary McAllister and Katey Pants for the heads up on my current DJ program. Its called “djay” and is exclusive to Mac. It has proven to be a great way for me to practice/improve my skills, and I LOVE that these ladies did the OPPOSITE of throw shade by recommending a decent program to a fellow queer DJ. My equipment consists of my macbook, headphones and a usb headphone adapter. I guess my fave thing about it is that my macbook is white and so are my headphones. They match. Hella gay.

What else do you want qPDX to know about you?

My favorite foods are pizza and sushi. My favorite show is Bad Girls Club. I won’t start a fight, but I’ll try my best to finish one, especially if someone is fucking with one of my friends or my boyfriend! Shouts to DJs Moisti, Vjestica, Sick jaggers, Nightschool, Linoleum, Lunchlady, Beyondadoubt, Roy G Biv, Mr. Charming, Jodi Bon Jodi, Kinetic, Chelsea Starr, Shreddie, Yer Momm, Bruce LaBruiser, Girlfriends, Rude Dudes, and my lil honey Trans Fat. XOW

You can listen here:

Septillcaminomix by Wesley Walton

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