Don’t shade your eyes for Peep Show

Sally Ingus Wilder

Variety shows, drag and performance art in Portland can be hit or miss. For as many mind-blowing acts, there are long drawn out talent shows featuring more talking than artistry. But local (and NICE) drag diva Artemis Chase has hit on something fabulous with this year’s Miss Thing so I have no doubts that tomorrow’s Peep Show will be equally worth seeing.

I was just discussing how Portland’s emerging big city status had queer happenings on every night of the week, except Tuesday, when we were all home watching Glee. Now, you don’t have to take a break from the scene at all. And yet true to our humble wild west roots, cover will be a measly 2 buckaroos and you can get 5 drinks for $6. Take that NYC!

But seriously, there are more of my favorite drag performers under one roof at this thing than I may have ever seen before. Newcomer Sally Ingus Wilder has quickly become a star and every thematic performance is both silly, sexy and unique like no other. Fannie Mae Darling is always a riot, and I can even put up with her scatalogical humor in exchange for all the other wonderful craziness she exudes. And Burlesquire? Forget about it. I swoon like nobody’s business when these hot as hell gender benders grace the stage with their skillful and fashionable dance moves. And I haven’t seen them in awhile, so I look forward to that particular treat.

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