Miss Thing does Broadway

Sally Ingus Wilder debuts

This month’s Miss Thing: Broadway Babes on Wednesday is a tribute to all things showtune. Hosted by Heklina and the ladies of Trannyshack, San Francisco Miss Thing takes to the Fez (316 SW 11th Ave) monthly to showcase thematic drag numbers that have a chance of winning it all. And by all I mean a “best of show” performer will be chosen to compete in November to become Miss Thing. The winner will win $500 cash and a trip to San Francisco to perform at the legendary Trannyshack.

Broadway Babes will be co-hosted by Raya Light and will feature a special performance by last month’s Pop Tarts winner Ecstacy Inferno whom local drag diva Artemis Chase has described as,

…truly divalicious… She pounded that stage with her dance moves and four backup dancers to Whitney Houston’s “Million Dollar Bill” and it truly was one of the best (if not the best) drag number I have seen since moving to Portland!  Congratulations Ecstacy!  I can’t wait to see what she puts together for the finale show in November!

Chase will be accompanied by fellow celebrity judges Poison Waters and Jeffrey Darling to judge the likes of twisted Broadway babes Vivica Valentine, Saturn, Bulimianne Rhapsody, Onyx Valentine, and Sally Ingus Wilder.

It is a special debut performance by Ms. Ingus Wilder, who will also bring to the stage her own brand of midwestern Minnesota spirit in the form of backup magic and juggling. So come early for electro-pop dancing until showtime at 10 and then again as a celebratory swing until 2am.

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