What are the best of 2010? qPDX wants your opinion

DirtBag at The Know, Portland

Year end “best of” posts are already well underway, but I keep discovering more and more gems and I want to make sure I don’t forget anything. So I’m enlisting you, my queer brethren to lend me your opinions on the most interesting, appalling and appealing of 2010 in the categories of:

  • Most heated issues
  • Biggest local news
  • Best television moments
  • Best movies
  • Best albums

I’m willing to take other category submissions as well. I’ve been thinking of some local favs like the best new dance nights or most fascinating local personality but would that be “best of” overkill?

Lastly, on an only very tangentially related note we’ve been working on some technical upgrades to get you all more interactivity. How do you feel about classifieds, personals and forums? I’ve already heard some good feedback but which would you rather I implement first?

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Comment early and often my friends!

2 comments to What are the best of 2010? qPDX wants your opinion

  • * Most heated issues
    1. What time is Dyke March? (Pride 2010)
    2. Why is the Q-Patrol working with the police? (Pride 2010)
    3. Are the femmes in North/North East as skanky as craigslist W4w Missed Connections states? (April 2010)
    4. Did the Blue Parrot close? Is it called the Foggy Notion?
    5. What the fuck just happened with Tuff Luck Deli?
    6. How did the E-room manage to sell out all the dykes in Portland while simultaneously making an even worse bar?

    * Biggest local news
    1. There is now something for gay people to do anywhere in N/NE Portland nearly everyday at the week.
    2. Chi-Chi and Chonga took PDX by storm.
    3. The E-Room Closes

    * Best television moments
    1. Glee’s failure at providing meaningful messages. It’s just an ok TV show and is fat-phobic, racist, sexist, and homophobic like the rest of them
    2. The Real L Word- helping everyone in Portland be like “we should do something like that- but better”

    * Best movies
    Burlesque- Duh.

    * Best albums
    Soldier of Love Sade
    Odd Blood Yeasayer
    Raymond vs. Raymond Usher
    Passion, Pain & Pleasure Trey Songz
    Wake Up! John Legend and The Roots
    Small Craft on a Milk Sea Brian Eno

    I can probs make a better list of Best Mix Tapes of the Year.
    # Lazerproof (with La Roux) (2010)
    # Major Lazer Summer Mix (available as podcast) (2010)
    # Autonomic Podcastes layers 9-11.
    # 2010 DJ ASMA House of Rap Mixtape
    # Truancy Mixtape VOLUME 11: NGUZUNGUZU

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