Miss Thing Grand Prize winner Sally Ingus Wilder

Host Heklina presents the cash prize to winner Sally Ingus Wilder. Photo by Marty Davis

This Friday saw bunches of queers lined up in front of the Fez Ballroom to see the final drag smackdown at Miss Thing wondering if it was already sold out. Actually it wasn’t, and the hype and attitude was a little intense for an event that ended up having plenty of elbow room. But then again, it was called Miss Thing so I guess I can’t be too surprised.

I also wasn’t surprised by the level of weirdness and amazingness that all the Misses brought to the show. Although the 1st place winner was newbie Sally Ingus Wilder I wasn’t disappointed by any of the competing acts. Second and third places belonged to ChiChi and Chonga and Kaj-Anne Pepper respectively, but I’ve heard more than one grumble that either of these two fierce competitors should have taken the title. Personally, I think Bulimianne Rhapsody had one of the most original pieces.

But Sally’s performance was a smash hit. Indeed if taken in combination with fellow contest and resident in the Drag Mansion, Little Tommy Bang Bang, it probably was the best. Unfortunately, Sally and Tommy didn’t quite make clear that their piece belonged to both of them and Tommy seemed to be overshadowed most of the night pushy queens and announcements that let him out in the cold. Ouch.

You can check out snapshots from Just Out Editor and guest judge Marty Davis in her Facebook Galleries 1, 2 and 3 with winner Sally Ingus. You can also check out a video of the swim suit competition and intro to all the contestants below.

2 comments to Miss Thing Grand Prize winner Sally Ingus Wilder

  • AMC

    Feyonce is the only one that actually showed talent but then again, I’m just an old queen who is a sucker for a good montage. Seriously though, the winner was one the least interesting of all the performers. Fannie Mae Darling’s opening act outshone almost all the other performers. What a let down for a pageant that was almost a year in the making. Very anti-climatic! Was it rigged??

  • shedick

    Dear AMC,
    You obviously are bored and have some issues that lead you to this site to put others down for their hard work. Here is a tip, get a fucking life.
    Portland’s Drag Community