Last of the best of 2010

Best Pride backup crew! Photo by Diana Edwards

So it’s been quite a week of reliving 2010. Truthfully I’m a little burned out. But before you shed all your summer skin and head into the depths of 2011 fresh and new here are a few last looks back at some of the “best” random sh** of the year…

Most asked question

What time is the dyke march? (A wink and a nod to the amusing insights of Katey Pants).

Best LGBT quote of the year

“You know if I could go back in time, I would lez it up 24 hours. Believe me, one thing I would not miss? Balls. Terrible little things.”

Betty White in the “Gingey” skit, one of several with gay jokes that were part of her May 8 appearance as host of “Saturday Night Live.” (, May 8). This was stolen from a whole post dedicated to the juiciest LGBT quotes of the year from Outspoken. There’s several that are hilarious so be sure to skim.

Best dueling housemate blogs

It’s funny to read Max Voltage‘s Triple Threat and housemate Katey Pants’ (aka Roy-G-Biv) Fuck Yeah Free Pizza back to back. Triple Threat’s long, rambling musings on life, culture, gender, and all manner of big questions reminds me of the many elaborate pathways of my own twisted and verbose mind, while the simple one picture and perhaps a caption posts of Free Pizza was surprisingly terse for Katey Pants, who often has rants of her own. Now how was that for illustrating the concept of the run on sentence?

Best Blow Pony portrait. Photo by Mike Burt

Best breakout drag

This year really raised the bar in the Portland drag scene and exploded all over town. But that doesn’t mean the acts didn’t also rise to new heights. That’s why the best new DQs are a tie. Out of nowhere adorable stoner drag muscians ChiChi and Chonga just took over this town. Nobody saw them coming but all of a sudden they’re everywhere and no one can stop drooling. But Miss Thing winner Sally Ingus Wilder also stormed the stage. Not only was she the ultimate winner, but her qualifying win was the first time she ever did drag. Honey, a natural.

Gayest new sport

Ping Pong. The P Club has a ping pong table that is almost always in use and Kaia Wilson made it even cooler by taking it and Portland to the Gay Games.

Best new (sex toy) shop

She-BopFemale friendly sex toys right in town and not on the edge of it with a selection that includes local, green, hip and diverse products, two adorably sex nerdy owners, and a collection of vintage vibrators. Naughty librarians wet dream and mine too.

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