Mayor Sam Adams and Portland Police Chief Mike Reese announce safety measures for queer community

Mayor Sam Adams descended into the halls of the Q-Center to announce the newest steps the city and Portland Police are taking to promote safety for the queer community. Joined by Police Chief Mike Reese and Q-Center’s Executive Director Kendall Clawson, this marked another meeting, in the string of many since the events of Memorial day weekend to discuss safety.

Police Chief Mike Reese describes measures the Portland Police […]

Why people gay bash: our amazing hair makes them do it

Gay Bashers have bad hair day, retaliate downtown

Gay Bashers have bad hair day, retaliate downtown has released photos of five people arrested by the police for a gay bashing bias crime that occurred downtown last Thursday night near SW11th.

I personally think they are just jealous of us well groomed queers because they are obviously all having a VERY BAD HAIR DAY. (well, the one with almost no hair isn’t doing *too* bad.)

Maybe we […]

Queers, Community, Safety: Lets take care of ourselves and each other

Katey Pants

Another essay from the astute Katey Pants:

The past month there has been a crisis of safety in the queer community. Gay bashings, rampant rumors of Nazi gangs patrolling our community, and the Westboro Baptist Churches arrogance in claiming space in our communities. The response to this violence from police and politicians in Portland has offered us- at best- bureaucratic solutions to fundamental structural problems. However, I […]

New Hate Crime Reporting System, Queer Patrol Meeting

QUIPS - Queerly informed patrol system

QUIPS . Queerly informed patrol system? Maybe Erik Estrada will be there too

A new hate crime reporting system will be announced, according to a press release sent out yesterday by Oregon State Attorney General John Kroger. The full breadth of the new initiative will be announced in a press conference scheduled to be held at 1030-1130 am today. We’re unlikely to be able to attend due to work […]

Why we need to step up reporting hate crimes on queers

Stop hate crime

Stop hate crime

While none of the staff were able to attend last night’s community forum due to conflicts in our schedules, we’re excited to see that the event, organized by JustOut columnist Daniel Borgen and Stephen Cassell, was well attended, and that Portland Mayor Sam Adams was there to hear concerns from the community first hand. According to coverage by JustOut, one of the main concerns of […]

Breaking: LGBTQ Community Forum, June 2nd

Homophobia Sucks

Homophobia Sucks

Breaking news: LGBTQ Community Forum to be held TOMORROW (June 2nd) in wake of recent Memorial Weekend violence @ The Q Center, 7pm.

The press release reads: “Because of the attacks over Memorial Day weekend that targeted LGBTQ members, our friends and loved ones, we have come together to host a forum that focuses on gay bashing in our community and how we can prevent and […]

Rose Festival/Memorial weekend gay bashings

When last year’s Pride weekend gay bashings came to my beloved city, and a place where I usually feel very safe, I was shaken. But it seems the battle is not over yet. Pride season, the heat of summer, have barely begun but already there are reports of more than one attack on a gay community member in the last couple days. This is all coming on the heels of […]

No confirmation on neo nazi attacks – everything quiet on Sat and Sun

No Gay Bashing allowed, sorry

No Gay Bashing allowed, sorry

After a lot of text messages and trying to find information about a string of neo-nazi attacks that was rumoured to have happened this weekend, things seem to be calming down – after speaking with folks at Rotture and asking around, I got no confirmation on actual details. It seems like no other PDX news sources have confirmation, either.

So at the moment we’re […]

Portland gay bars a neo-nazi target?

I have just heard from a friend that neo nazis or some other racist group may be targeting gay bars in the Portland area – apparently someone may have gotten jumped by some homophobic thugs at CC Slaughters.

It’s not our intention to spread rumours, but tonight is a big going out night with Blow Pony, so for safety’s sake:

1.) Keep an eye out when you arrive/leave the venue. […]

Ronnie Magro from ‘Jersey Shore’ rants homophobically

Ronnie Magro – homophobe or simply a hothead? has leaked a clip from the ‘Jersey Shore’ where muscle boy and temperamental hothead Ronnie Magro was seen spouting homophobic slurs including “fucking faggot” and “fucking queer” at the guy he ended up getting into a punch-up with on the boardwalk. Reclaimed terms and it being ‘Jersey Shore’ aside, I think it’s noteworthy that Ronnie seemed (to me) one of […]