Breaking: LGBTQ Community Forum, June 2nd

Homophobia Sucks

Homophobia Sucks

Breaking news: LGBTQ Community Forum to be held TOMORROW (June 2nd) in wake of recent Memorial Weekend violence @ The Q Center, 7pm.

The press release reads: “Because of the attacks over Memorial Day weekend that targeted LGBTQ members, our friends and loved ones, we have come together to host a forum that focuses on gay bashing in our community and how we can prevent and […]

Rose Festival/Memorial weekend gay bashings

When last year’s Pride weekend gay bashings came to my beloved city, and a place where I usually feel very safe, I was shaken. But it seems the battle is not over yet. Pride season, the heat of summer, have barely begun but already there are reports of more than one attack on a gay community member in the last couple days. This is all coming on the heels of […]

No confirmation on neo nazi attacks – everything quiet on Sat and Sun

No Gay Bashing allowed, sorry

No Gay Bashing allowed, sorry

After a lot of text messages and trying to find information about a string of neo-nazi attacks that was rumoured to have happened this weekend, things seem to be calming down – after speaking with folks at Rotture and asking around, I got no confirmation on actual details. It seems like no other PDX news sources have confirmation, either.

So at the moment we’re […]

Recap of the Queer Town Hall

Queer Town Hall in Portland, OR

It’s been a few days, but I’d like to take the time to share the results of the Queer Town Hall that happened last thursday at the Q Center on Mississippi. The Queer Town Hall was a project organized by a bunch of folks in our community as a “response” of sorts to the recent acts of violence and inadequate police response that […]

Violence Update: Queer/Trans Self Defence Workshop to be held

Learn basic principles of self defence with your queer and trans peers.

In the wake of the incidents of violence that happened over Pride weekend that we’ve referred to a couple of times, one of the victims, Audrey, decided to take steps towards organizing a series of self defence workshops geared towards queer and trans people. The classes are taught partly by Jaddua Ross, who has been studying martial […]

Pride weekend violence – what’s going on, queer Portland?

Stop hate and violence in and towards our community

Pride is over, our hangovers have subsided, the messes have mostly been cleaned up – but what remains is the foul aftertaste of violence, harassment and threats towards individuals in our community. This is new – what is going on, queer Portland?