No confirmation on neo nazi attacks - everything quiet on Sat and Sun

No Gay Bashing allowed, sorry

No Gay Bashing allowed, sorry

After a lot of text messages and trying to find information about a string of neo-nazi attacks that was rumoured to have happened this weekend, things seem to be calming down – after speaking with folks at Rotture and asking around, I got no confirmation on actual details.  It seems like no other PDX news sources have confirmation, either.

So at the […]

Portland gay bars a neo-nazi target?

I have just heard from a friend that neo nazis or some other racist group may be targeting gay bars in the Portland area – apparently someone may have gotten jumped by some homophobic thugs at CC Slaughters.

It’s not our intention to spread rumours, but tonight is a big going out night with Blow Pony, so for safety’s sake:

1.) Keep an eye out when you arrive/leave the […]