Portland gay bars a neo-nazi target?

I have just heard from a friend that neo nazis or some other racist group may be targeting gay bars in the Portland area – apparently someone may have gotten jumped by some homophobic thugs at CC Slaughters.

It’s not our intention to spread rumours, but tonight is a big going out night with Blow Pony, so for safety’s sake:

1.) Keep an eye out when you arrive/leave the venue. […]

Queers and local organizations respond to catastrophe in Haiti

Please support our brothers and sisters in Haiti!

After Pat Robertson degraded himself even further by referring to Haitians as being “cursed” after entering a “pact with the devil” responses are pouring forth in support of Haiti and in opposition to religious wankers like Pat Robertson. Also, many websites and organizations are offering opportunities to donate money and support Haitian rescue efforts, some of them local, and some of […]