Celestial Clockwork: A Movie Overlooked

This is a strange one...

Hey, I missed you guys! Due to the dedication to the new QPDX Podcast, 2 Girls 1 Podcast, I’ve been a little busy of late. However, I love writing about  movies, and little could keep me away from this blog for long.

Celestial Clockwork, made in 1995 by Venezuelan director, Fina Torres (Oriana and Woman on Top), is one of the stranger movies I’ve ever seen. Recently, going through some of my older posts, I realized how few foreign films I’ve reviewed. So, I thought I’d start with one of the first that really surprised me.

The movie begins with beautiful Ana (Ariadna Gil) at her wedding altar. It’s clear that she loves the opera, and is terrified to get married. She’s about to speak her vows, when… she realizes that settling down would compromise her biggest dream, to be an international opera star! There is no choice, but to hightail it to France where she can train.

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Orphan Girls: Will the Real Orphan Annie Please Stand up?

Did she ever hook up with Pepper?

I was rolling around in a pile of puppies yesterday, and had an epic realization. Queers love orphans. Many of us are, or can relate to being abandoned. It isn’t surprising that we identify. Isolation, persecution, lack of power, and desperation (word to the Oxford comma) are common in queerdom. As a kid, most of my favorite movies involved she-orphans, and when I started to click around the web, I realized how many movies carry the theme. I thought about doing a top ten, but it’s so subjective… I did decide to choose one ultimate movie. It’s okay if you don’t concur.

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SlutWalk Portland – Now sponsored by July 31st.

From Slut Walk Dallas
From Slut Walk Dallas

What are some sex positive words for women? (I couldn't think of any either)

How do you feel about the term slut? Don’t like it? (why?) Whore? Bitch? Ho? Loose woman, even? When was the last time you heard the statement “he had it coming” or “she was dressed like a slut” in response to another person getting raped? When was the last time you considered a man who was sexually assaulted less of a victim because he’s not a woman?
SlutWalk is a loud and proud FUCK YOU to all of those who support pro-shame, anti-healthy-sex, pro-rape. And we need you. You’re monogamous, in a long term relationship? You have a couple of lovers? You do sex work? You’re male-indentified? You’;re shy? You’re a gay man who doesn’t interact much with women? Doesn’t matter. If you believe sex is fun and pleasure is good for you, and that rape won’t end until rapists stop raping, you need to come to SlutWalk. July 31st. 1pm. Park Blocks. Be there.

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Cafeteria continues the Queer Dance fun

Once again, Cafeteria was off the hook.

For the second time, the last-thursday-of-the-month dance night graced the streets of North Portland at the lovely Vendetta bar.

Here are some pics from the night and more in our photo gallery:

Cafeteria II-88

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While you were out…post Portland Gay Pride news roundup!

BUTT Magazine Towels!

We are still working on processing the last, epic Pride weekend. We had so much fun! Thank you for everyone who came out and supported us. In the meantime, while we get our act together, here is a little summary of what you missed while you were out. Have other news you’d like to share? Post it!

BUTT Magazine Towels!

BUTT Magazine Towels!

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Butch Voices Conference coming to Portland

BUTCH Voices regional conference


BUTCH Voices regional conference

Click for larger version

In collaboration with PSU’s Queer Resource Center, the conference for self-identified “Butches, studs, aggressives, Machas, etc” is coming to Portland! (October 2nd) Next to hoping for strong attendance, the conference organizers are seeking workshop leaders  and conference facilitators. Basically, if you have something to say, wantt to lead session, or have an art project you want to show, they want to hear about it!

Full text of their call for submissions under the cut. We will be posting more information closer to the conference. 

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Queer Body Image Zine Seeks submissions

Queer Body Image Zine Seeks Submissions

Queer Body Image Zine seeks any and all submissions from any and all people! If you write or do art…

All the info is on the image to the right -> Click on it to see the bigger version and get all the details. Deadline is April […]

“Queering Anarchism” book Call for submissions

Anarchy / Fag

Anarchy / Fag ?

Are you interested in partcipating in a book project?

Check this out.

This isn’t affiliated with QPDX but i thought it interesting.

A lot more under the cut.

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Sunday: It’s PopTart tonight at Holocene!

Pop Tart Kittehs might show up too

Come out and shake your tailfeather with some queer girls (and other fine people)! DJ Nolita and Chelsea Starr will be on the decks, and there will be a signature $3 cocktail until 11pm.

The best way to beat this windy cold weather is to come out and have a dance! See you there.

21+, $5 (after ten pm, free before), […]

“Tuff Luck” coffee shop to perk up In Other Words

In Other Words will soon be featuring a coffee shop!

Hot and fresh –

News has it that a new coffee shop will be opening inside In Other Words, everyone’s favourite feminist bookstore! It’l be called “Tuff Luck” and serve coffee and other hot drinks and coffee related, well, products. Not much info is forthcoming yet, but they are planning on holding events to garner funds to […]