Queers, Community, Safety: Lets take care of ourselves and each other

Katey Pants

Another essay from the astute Katey Pants:

The past month there has been a crisis of safety in the queer community. Gay bashings, rampant rumors of Nazi gangs patrolling our community, and the Westboro Baptist Churches arrogance in claiming space in our communities. The response to this violence from police and politicians in Portland has offered us- at best- bureaucratic solutions to fundamental structural problems. However, I want to posit a different view of safety, care, and community outside of state and police solutions. I hope to provide some philosophical reasoning behind this and also present concrete things that are happening in Portland and throughout the country where people everyday are creating alternatives to police to keep themselves and their communities safe.

A Moral and Practical Argument Against Calling The Police:

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Rose Festival/Memorial weekend gay bashings

When last year’s Pride weekend gay bashings came to my beloved city, and a place where I usually feel very safe, I was shaken. But it seems the battle is not over yet. Pride season, the heat of summer, have barely begun but already there are reports of more than one attack on a gay community member in the last couple days. This is all coming on the heels of a recent phone tree rumor warning of Neo-Nazi attacks in the area. This was never confirmed.

Reports are still sketchy, and major news sources don’t seem to have picked up on much, but local CC Slaughters DJ Robb Nelson says on the Facebook page for Red Cap Garage:

i…was walking then approached by three guys…next thing i remember i was home. hit in the face a few times, scraped up arms . i dont remember but i called someone that came and got me . my jaw is swollen and messed up a bit, but ok. the not remembering is what scares me

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