Blow Pony goes off without a hitch but raises questions

Blow Pony has become one of the most popular queer nights in town

Blow Pony has become one of the most popular queer nights in town

Last night saw the first Blow Pony since the Pride weekend violence (of which Blow Pony was, sadly, the epicentre) and the muddle of police-ness that followed, so of course went down to Casey’s/The Eagle to check out what was going down. This Blow Pony went down without a hitch – but questions are being raised as to what can and will happen next, and despite the fact that on the surface, all is well, a lot of questions are being raised and right now, everything feels iffy.

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Recap of the Queer Town Hall

Queer Town Hall in Portland, OR

Queer Town Hall in Portland, OR

It’s been a few days, but I’d like to take the time to share the results of the Queer Town Hall that happened last thursday at the Q Center on Mississippi. The Queer Town Hall was a project organized by a bunch of folks in our community as a “response” of sorts to the recent acts of violence and inadequate police response that became especially evident over Pride Weekend this year.

Town Hall organizers aim to create a space for discussion and the sharing of information and resources to empower us to engage with each other and the authorities in a different, and hopefully safer, way.

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Violence Update: Queer Town Hall Date & Location Set

Stop violence in and against our community!

For all of you who were waiting to find out the news about the Queer Town Hall that is being organized to discuss the recent acts in/against our community and the police response to said events, there is now a date, time and location set. Here the deets:

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 7pm-9pm The Q Center (4115 N Mississippi Ave)

Here […]

Perrywinkle’s Plethoric Pride Pantheon – a review

SuperGay stampedes for Rainbow Truth

SuperGay stampedes for Rainbow Truth

Wow, thats all I can say. Wow 1: I can still come up with a meaningful alliteration after this weekend, and wow 2: Portland Queer Pride 2009 was AMAZING.

A year of firsts: The first time has had their own parade “float”, the first year there has been 110+ groups in the parade, the first time SuperGay had a proper outfit, the first time I decided to go for FIVE straight days of Pride partying.

Five days.¬† Five outfits. A kajillion drinks, a million miles on my bicycle, a shit ton of parties, SuperGay jumps, fake beards, hair dying extravaganzas, automation-style condom gluing, flyering, banner making, gender bendering, raindbow deco-ing stampede of gayness. But sadly, on the edge of all the celebrations: tinges of violences, aggression, and disrespect by the police. I’m still waiting for the dust to settle.

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Pride 2009 in review


Sam Adams' bike contingent at Pride 2009

Now that we are all finally recovered from our hangovers it’s time to reflect on the weekend. It was a wild success that saw the gorgeous Miss Sabel Scities win Portland’s Drag Race, 115 floats, thousands of attendees, very few protesters and about a million parties.

Below are my weekend highlights but we really want to hear yours, so comment below!

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Thank You

Here, have a rainbow heart

To all of our friends and supporters who have helped us make’s first pride FAN FUCKING TASTIC.

Special thanks go to It’s My Pleasure for donating condoms, Janel and Leslie for carrying our banner and driving shit around, Squid for bringing their scooter and sidecar, Robert for helping out, Brittany for the Tshirts, Diana, Amy, Casey, Zack and Tita for marching with […]

Friday – A night in recap


As these things go, I’m going to try and deal with my hangover headache in new and inventive ways – recapping it!

Last night saw a plethora of queer nights going on, as I’m sure you already knew. I’m sad I didn’t make it to Dirty Queer – I heard it was a great (and hot) evening of X Rated Open Mic debauchery.I also missed the Trans* Family Picnic. Oh well. You can’t be everywhere! But I seriously needed to take a breather and snuggle with my teddy bear (and blog and work and finish the banner and …) so I decided to skip DQ and attend my friend’s graduation-from-PCC-aftershindig at The Maiden, which serves some killer food, strong drinks and slightly annoying flamenco music. And there were plenty of queers there! Congratulations Marissa and Amber, job well done!

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Pride 2009: Sunday & SuperGay!

Its Portland Gay Pride - Parade Time!

It's Portland Gay Pride - Parade Time!

We’re nearing the end now folks! But there are still a few opportunities to get down and dirty and maybe even shake your tailfeather…

Sunday is of course the day of the Pride Parade, which starts *around* 11:15 – Sunday corner of Broadway and Davis and goes down to the waterfront/Tom McCall Park. Watch¬† for float no #94, that’s us, yours truly! And we have some amazing, stunning news for you- the elusive SuperGay has contacted us via a sekrit communication channel and announced that they will be supporting us by being part of our Pride Float!! We’re super excited for SuperGay – I, Perry, have to go see a man about a dog on Sunday, so I’m very glad SuperGay will sup-port us, geddit? OK, enough puns, y’all know the parade and afterparty at the park are the highlights of Sunday…stay hydrated!

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