New Hate Crime Reporting System, Queer Patrol Meeting

QUIPS - Queerly informed patrol system

QUIPS . Queerly informed patrol system? Maybe Erik Estrada will be there too

A new hate crime reporting system will be announced, according to a press release sent out yesterday by Oregon State Attorney General John Kroger. The full breadth of the new initiative will be announced in a press conference scheduled to be held at 1030-1130 am today. We’re unlikely to be able to attend due to work conflicts (I do wish we got paid for…) but I’m sure we will be able to get the details of the initiative to you soon. For more information, check here.

In addition to the state-organized new hate crime reporting system, a queer patrol is being organized by members of the queer community in Portland in response to recent acts of violence and harassment of gay men in the city. There will be an informational meeting at the Q Center to discuss volunteer driven queer patrols during Pride, so if you are interested in getting more information, please come! It will be at the Q Center, 7-9pm, on Thursday, June 17th. Facebook page here

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