Why people gay bash: our amazing hair makes them do it

Gay Bashers have bad hair day, retaliate downtown

Gay Bashers have bad hair day, retaliate downtown has released photos of five people arrested by the police for a gay bashing bias crime that occurred downtown last Thursday night near SW11th.

I personally think they are just jealous of us well groomed queers because they are obviously all having a VERY BAD HAIR DAY. (well, the one with almost no hair isn’t doing *too* bad.)

Maybe we need to start hair-profiling people..?

KGW writes:

PORTLAND, Ore. — Five people were arrested for assault in what police called a bias crime.

A man told police Thursday night he had been attacked near SW 11th Avenue downtown Portland. He told detectives he knew who did it and and that they had also used anti-gay slurs.

Police soon found the suspects, 21-year-old Timothy Hill, 18-year-old Marcos Antonio Torres, 20-year-old Ashley Maro, 30-year-old Michael Anthony Valero, and 30-year-old and Missy Lee Dempsy were charged with kidnapping, robbery, assault, intimidation and coercion.

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