California gay marriages put off during appeal process

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In the never-ending saga that is California’s Prop 8 trial the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals continued the stay that Chief U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker had previously lifted, until oral arguments could be heard on Dec 6th.

“It’s saddening just to know that we still have to keep waiting for this basic human right,” Marcia Davalos, of Los Angeles, a health care advocate who had […]

Judge lifts stay, but California same-sex marriages still on hold

We all rejoiced when Prop 8 was overturned in California last week but saddened that a stay was put in place to stop enforcement right away. Today newlywed-wannabes waited with baited breath to see if they would be able to tie the knot today. However, it looks like they made need a little patience, as the stay will not be lifted until next Wednesday August 18th.

[Chief U.S. District Judge […]

Breaking: Prop 8 Ban overturned in California!!!!!

Prop 8 Ban Overturned!

Prop 8 Ban Overturned!


Federal judge has overturned the voter approved ban on “same sex marriage”, also known as prop 8. An appeal is expected but this is a WHOLE NEW BALLGAME!!

Word on the street is this will head to the supreme court…

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Pictures from San Francisco Pride

"Dyke" train

I promised you pictures yesterday and here are some gems from the qPDX Cali trip from the 2010 San Francisco Dyke March as well as the pictures from the big 2010 San Francisco Pride Parade. Enjoy.

Memories from San Francisco Pride

Diana downs rose with the big pink fist at the Dyke March

Truthfully the ol’ memory bank is a little thin, not because I didn’t have a good time but because I DID. And as I said before, this trip was more about personal Pride enjoyment than queer media coverage, but my friends and I have some pretty good stories to tell so I figured you might want to […]

Hot gay boys doing Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls’

California gays so hot they'll melt your popsicle

In honor of San Francisco Pride, summer, and the 4th of July, I simply must share the latest, gayest internet meme (even if we did only here it about 1o times on our Cali road trip…I really expected about 100 but I could have been too drunk to remember). Oh yeah, and they kick some gay NYC ass…


Pardon us while we party at SF Pride

Loyal Portland followers. Our apologies if the posts are a little slow this week. I know we missed what was probably an epic Funeral Party at Dirtbag last night to say goodbye to the Blue Parrot. And really, we love you the best. But we had you covered all PDX Pride and we have all the photos and full coverage to back it up.We have more shots up on our […]

Openly gay bishop appointed to Anglican Church

Mary Glasspool, pictured, would be the first openly gay bishop to be consecrated since Gene Robinson Photo: AFP/GETTY

Today the second openly gay Bishop was appointed to the Anglican Church.

This time Los Angeles Episcopalian church elected 55-year-old lesbian Reverend Mary Douglas Glasspool as assistant bishop on the weekend. Despite the appointment, she still needs a majority of the National Episcopal Church to formally approve the position. […]

Photos from Homo A Gogo

Portland musician and DJ Sarah Gottesdiner with some Homo A Gogo art.

While no one from qPDX was able to attend the festival of the year, Homo A Gogo, which went down this last weekend, in San Francisco, reader and local DJ Seth Gottesdiener got a couple great snapshots of art, bands and Portland peeps at HAGG.


California’s gay marriage ban, Prop 8, upheld, but marriages remain valid

Same-sex marriage demonstrators wait in front of San Francisco City Hall for the California State Supreme Court to rule on the legality of a voter-approved ban on same-sex unions, Tuesday, May 26, 2009 in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

In a rather odd twist to the Proposition 8 decision, the California’s Supreme Court decided to uphold the ban on gay marriage, but recognize the 18,000 marriages that took place […]