Cazwell and Peaches collaborate on new music video for “Unzip Me”

Peaches clearly wins the sex creativity contest but Cazwell's pretty hot too

The reigning king and queen of dirty sexy pop, Cazwell and Peaches, have finally teamed up for a music video and you can hear both the hip hop and club vibes in “Unzip Me”  directed by Bec Stupak, who worked as an editor and motion graphics artist on Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” vid.

“Unzip Me” will be featured on Cazwell’s upcoming album Hard To Be Fresh, due out next year. It’s been a long time coming and though I just saw him put on another excellent performance recently at Palm Springs Pride it’s definitely time for some new material…because thinking about ice cream trucks in the winter in Portland is just depressing. But this sexy track should lift your spirits, and maybe some other things as well, especially with a special cameo of Justin Bond noshing on a banana.

Of the collaboration Cazwell says, “It was an honor to work with the queen of electro. She’s someone I’ve admired and wanted to emulate because of her punk rock, no limits spirit.” Peaches adds that she “loved trashing the drum kit.”

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New Wild Flag video for ‘Electric Band’

Another release from Portlandia darling Carrie Brownstein‘s new band Wild Flag, the video for “Electric Band” is another fun and Stumptowny exercise in hipster comedy. The concert on the softball/baseball diamond is pretty gay, and reminds us all of the recently lost summer. All the ladies are visions in their (modified or not) vintage tees and Brownstein is especially hot behind home base as the catcher of a bursting water balloon.

Timony also takes a bigger vocal role in this song, which is a nice change of pace, and a lovely reminder of her lilting Helium voice.

A little insight into the video from Brownstein comes via NPR:

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Hosford Middle School GSA’s rendition of ‘Born This Way’

The kids are all right. And even tweens can be endearing when they’re dancing to Lady Gaga songs. This is from Hosford Middle School‘s Gay-Straight Alliance (it can be hard enough to get one of those in a high school, I had no idea they were in Junior Highs now, yeah!) in SE Portland. If you have the same level of patience that an 8th grader might have I […]

New music video for Wild Flag’s ‘Romance’

Wild Flag's Carrie Brownstein: "It says it's a pie chart. This is a square...If any of you guy don't want to work here let me know."

Acting as if music videos still played on MTV and record stores still stocked vinyl local indie darlings Wild Flag, featuring former SleaterKinney members Janet Weiss and Carrie Brownstein, have just released the first video from their debut self-titled album, due out next Tuesday September 13th. Romance puts forth a love for the art of rock vid featuring neon Volvos, creepy animal masks, office space antics and hot dice.

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New Katastrophe music video for “Tunnel Vision”

Katastrophe “Tunnel Vision” official music video. Cinematography Olivia Parriott.

Was this a Blow Pony afterparty that I’ve forgotten?

Music video Monday gives you Lady Gaga and a Weird Al spoof…discuss

Lady Gaga points a lipstick gun at religious hotty Norman Reedus in her newly released music video for "Judas"

Does your Monday call for a little Lady Gaga pick me up? Well everyone’s buzzing about her new “Judas” video release. It features hot screen Irish-Catholic Norman Reedus, getting a lipstick gun to the face. The Boondock Saints actor is a perfect choice as he does the gritty religious sexy so well.

To add to both the discussion and laugh factor I’ve also given you a little Weird Al spoof of “Born This Way” called “Perform this Way.” Initially Gaga refused to let Al release the song, but apparently in the last few days is has finally been given the green light (not sure what the drama was there) with proceeds going to the HRC (meh…).

I’ve also included the acapella rendition of “Born This Way” which debuted this weekend as part of HBO’s concert event “Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden.”She may be a lot of hype but you really can’t say the dame can’t sing. Damn, belt it girl!

And finally, for good measure, the original “Born This Way” video, just in case you haven’t gone Gaga enough…

Update: Oh, and Gaga also just released a new single today, “Edge of Glory,” inspired by the death of Gaga’s grandfather in 2010. Upcoming album Born This Way drops May 23rd.

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New local hip hop entertainment group releases music video for “gayest song ever” ‘Imma Homo’

Rainbow Noise artists Cee, Loco Niinja, Jay Squared , Stud Phamous

Gays in hip hop has always been a complicated subject. It’s no longer completely unknown, Cazwell has stormed the scene, Lady Sovereign is big in the UK, Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir are constantly touring favs, and there’s dozens of smaller queer hip hop acts both local and national.But much of mainstream urban music can still be homophobic and there’s still a hunger for more positive representations of LGBT MCs and DJs. And a big project just emerged from right across the river called Rainbow Noise Entertainment.

RainbowNoise is an entertainment company that specializes in marketing lesbian and gay talent to mainstream audiences without compromising the artists’ individual style or gender presentation…From conscious rap to old school and party hip hop styles, RainbowNoise artists cover it all. The keen focus on production quality and lyrical strength sets them ahead of many independent labels in their class.

This is a worthy project that is interesting enough for it’s goal but there’s even more compelling aspects.

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Ke$ha: Love or loathe, this video has rainbow lazers, unicorns and Dawson…

I was going to use the still showing James Van Der Dead's head (yeah, from Dawson's creek -- I was always more of a Pacey man myself) as a trophy on the wall, but I thought that sexy Ke$ha canoodling with a unicorn would sell better...

The other day I posted this recent Ke$ha video for “Blow” to my personal Facebook page (a re-post even, how social media web 2.0), and I was rather surprised at the discussion that ensued. It seems Ke$ha, as inconsequential as she may seem to me, affects our queer community in controversial ways.

So post serves two purposes:

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Behind the scenes of Beth Ditto’s ‘I Wrote the Book’

Short video detailing the process behind Gossip-frontwoman Beth Ditto‘s new solo release video “I Wrote the Book.”

My favorite part are the directors talking about making Beth over elegantly in a style they call early 90s supermodel vibe.

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Cazwell’s new video for ‘Get My Money Back’

I’m not sure what getting your money back has to do with monkey suits except that you can showcase hot shirtless dudes eating phallic bananas, but maybe that’s all you need.

Either way in the week since the new video for Get My Money Back was released the uptick in Cazwell page views has been swell. I ain’t above capitalizing on that.

You wanna see it. I wanna give it to you.

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