Pardon us while we party at SF Pride

Loyal Portland followers. Our apologies if the posts are a little slow this week. I know we missed what was probably an epic Funeral Party at Dirtbag last night to say goodbye to the Blue Parrot. And really, we love you the best. But we had you covered all PDX Pride and we have all the photos and full coverage to back it up.We have more shots up on our Facebook page and Mike will be getting them up on the site as soon as possible!

Now, the crew is taking a break by doing it up San Francisco Pride style.

We are already having a good time, have met some amazing people, and we will give you all the deets when we return, but for now we are enjoying Pride as SPECTATORS and just kickin’ it. You can, however, keep up with our Twitter feed if you need instant gratification as to what we’re up to, or if you’re down at SF Pride and want to know where we’re at. Tweet us and you’ll be live on the page.

See y’all soon!

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