Pictures from San Francisco Pride

"Dyke" train

I promised you pictures yesterday and here are some gems from the qPDX Cali trip from the 2010 San Francisco Dyke March as well as the pictures from the big 2010 San Francisco Pride Parade. Enjoy.

Memories from San Francisco Pride

Diana downs rose with the big pink fist at the Dyke March

Truthfully the ol’ memory bank is a little thin, not because I didn’t have a good time but because I DID. And as I said before, this trip was more about personal Pride enjoyment than queer media coverage, but my friends and I have some pretty good stories to tell so I figured you might want to hear some anyway right? Pictures are on their way…

It started with 3 queers in a car, camping in NoCal and defending our lives against mosquitos but quickly moved to our headquarters at the Mark Twain Hotel on the edge of downtown and the Tenderloin and added a gay male Angelino and a beautiful SLC lady. Convenient location, but by the end of the weekend I was kinda done with the crackheads. But the hotel staff was amazing and D slept in the closet, which was big enough to have a camp bed and close the door, so we called our domicile a 2 room suite. It was kinda annoying that the hotel charged for internet but also kept me off the computer and having fun most of the time. And besides, they parked 2 of our cars and generally put up with our shenanigans. I even appreciated our inner room as apparently ladies like to watch other queers sleeping peacefully half naked. This is what my bedmate tells me anyway…

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Pardon us while we party at SF Pride

Loyal Portland followers. Our apologies if the posts are a little slow this week. I know we missed what was probably an epic Funeral Party at Dirtbag last night to say goodbye to the Blue Parrot. And really, we love you the best. But we had you covered all PDX Pride and we have all the photos and full coverage to back it up.We have more shots up on […]