Best gay albums of 2011

Just our yearly take on the best albums and EPs by queer artists this year. We don’t hold back our local bias but it is an international list, and I think Canada might be kicking our asses a li’l this year. […]

Beth Ditto performs Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ (video)

here’s a little Monday morning perk-me-up of scantily-clad Beth Ditto performing a cover of Madonna’s iconic Vogue complete with backup dancers. Her own dance routine at the Moscow Miller party ain’t bad and I’m pretty sure that’s hometown DJ hero Beyondadoubt in the booth behind it all.


The ghost of Portland Pride’s past

Everyone but me, Mr. Blue, in our 2007 rainbow TeamAwesome parade contingent with teenager girl roller skating banner bearers

I was looking for some pictures of Portland Pride of yesteryear and realized that I haven’t been doing this for 4 years but 6! And I’m talking about covering Pride, not just attending it. That’s been an even longer road…shoot…17 years. Sweet Jesus. It must be the nostalgic Cancer in me but in the spirit of more psyching up for this weekend I thought it might be fun to revisit some qPDX recaps while you’re still stuck at your weekday desk. (Or I could just be indulging my own vanity…whatever).

So follow me back in time….


Re-Pride – This was the first year of qPDX as well as my first year at OregonLive. I was fresh-faced and unsullied by cynicism. I’d only started qPDX a month or so before and I was just excited to have a venue. I also remember by boss trying to be fatherly but really just being condescending by making sure I felt safe enough to start a blog about queer topics and use my real name. Weird.

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What’s in Beth Ditto’s bag

Former local Beth Ditto may no longer belong to us, as her UK popularity has prompted a move to London, but this blog has obsessed over her for so long now it’s doubtful that will abate much. That’s why I will continue to update you with news such as what’s in Ditto’s purse. The last page of Marie Claire‘s May issue features the Gossip frontwoman talking about what’s inside […]

Behind the scenes of Beth Ditto’s ‘I Wrote the Book’

Short video detailing the process behind Gossip-frontwoman Beth Ditto‘s new solo release video “I Wrote the Book.”

My favorite part are the directors talking about making Beth over elegantly in a style they call early 90s supermodel vibe.

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New Vogue-inspired video by Beth Ditto

Fans of Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto have been eagerly awaiting her Simian Mobile Disco produced solo EP, which drops March 8th. We get a little taste right now with the release of its first video for I Wrote the Book.

Filmed in black and white by directed by Price James (Hercules & Love Affair, Peaches), most sources attribute some style elements to Madonna ala Justify My Love and bits of Vogue & Erotica, but I prefer to give props to the original vogue-ing NYC queens of color that most of us only know through the documentary Paris is Burning.

Either way there’s awesome dance moves, Beth in a bubble bath, and great fashion, as usual.

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Beth Ditto talks about her upcoming memoir ‘Coal to Diamonds’

'Coal to Diamonds' book jacket

Dynamic and always on the move, southern chanteuse Beth Ditto has a lot more to her story than just music — as if that wasn’t enough. So the buzz has begun over her much-anticipated memoir, Coal to Diamonds, even though a release date has still not been set.

Hipster dyke novelist Michelle Tea, author of occasionally shocking but sincere stories such Rent Girl, or the seminal San Francisco dyke manifesto Valencia, is helping her craft the tome. This should be an interesting mix. Gregarious but very down to earth, Ditto is usually pretty straightforward in the way she communicates, using her southern drawl to tell it like it is. Tea, on the other hand, is free and frisky as any fiction writer with her adjectives, describing details in a way that the boisterous Ditto might merely proclaim.

It is also going to solidify its readers as queer bohemian feminists with just an edge of cool. Successful in targeting an audience, it remains to be seen if reviewers will take a sort of grown up riot grrl aesthetic seriously. My hope is that they will. The rambunctious ’90s teenagers have grown into sophisticated artists with a keen third wave feminist perspective that definitely could use a little more notice and critical acclaim.

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Preview Beth Ditto’s upcoming solo EP

Gossip front woman Beth Ditto has worked alongside many other musicians and already done a few tracks here and there on her own, but soon she will release and entire solo EP. It will be released digitally and as a limited edition 12″ vinyl.

British dance music producers James Ford and Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco are producing the EP which has a much more electro sound than […]

Beth Ditto drives the bus for new Gossip “Men in Love” video

Beth Ditto, the local diva currently in the process of taking over the world is loved by gay men and lesbians alike. It’s easy to see why in this just released music video with her band The Gossip, for “Men in Love.” This is no Glee field trip. This bus is rolling through the school of rock. In this ultimate party bus that rivals PDX drunken dream Bar-fly bus, Ditto drives her way through debauchery with fantastic red lipstick.

(Oh, and speaking of Ditto fashion…she’s going to grow her eyebrows back folks. You heard it here first.)

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Beth Ditto Evans line unveiled and modeling for Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier presents Beth Ditto with flowers.

After a few sneak peeks Beth Ditto’s newest closet line for Evans has finally been unveiled. With frocks and jackets at very reasonable prices it’s already the newsest favorite of the plus sized hipster set. For an elegant night out I’m a big fan of the drawstring maxi but my laid back PDX style naturally gravitates towards the oversized parka with plenty of pockets.

But Ditto isn’t limiting herself to the ready-to-wear set. She recently strutted down the catwalk for Jean-Paul Gaultier to show off some of his upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Inspired by Joan Jett and other influential lady rockers, this newest line celebrates female power not only through a hard edge but by the very visible size of Beth Ditto.

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