Best gay albums of 2011

Just our yearly take on the best albums and EPs by queer artists this year. We don’t hold back our local bias but it is an international list, and I think Canada might be kicking our asses a li’l this year. […]

Pride 2009 in review


Sam Adams' bike contingent at Pride 2009

Now that we are all finally recovered from our hangovers it’s time to reflect on the weekend. It was a wild success that saw the gorgeous Miss Sabel Scities win Portland’s Drag Race, 115 floats, thousands of attendees, very few protesters and about a million parties.

Below are my weekend highlights but we really want to hear yours, so comment below!

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Pride celebration Main and Cafe Stage schedules


Uh Huh Her

There’s a million and 1 Pride related parties and events but the Waterfront Village celebration itself sports some talented performers, and all at donation prices. And now that you can carry your beer throughout the booths in the lovely lighthearted PDX sunshine, it might be hard to pull yourself away.

Here are a few acts that make our hit list followed by a complete lineup:

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