Merry Quistmas Mrs. Twin Peaks, you Superstar Divas, and Stumped noms

The 5th Annual Queer Quistmas is this Saturday at the Q Center


Saucy Santa photo ops – Yet another chance to be a Portland sexy weirdo and ask Santa for more than the lump of coal you deserve. Have you made the naughty or nice list this year?

Portland Idol‘s Holiday Harmonies – Get in the holiday spirit with some of P-Town best voices.


The 1st annual Stumped Awards – This Razzie style award show was dreamed up by the folks behind Peep Show and Genderf***ing Takover. Who will take home the statue celebrating Synciest Lips, Highest Blood Alcohol Content or Most Epic Facebook? This is bound to be the gayest red carpet you’ve ever seen.

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Delusional Donovan episode 1: ‘Stray Cat’ review

Donovan's neighbor's hip hop juggernaught Celebrity Justice

Saturday night saw the premiere of the locally made sitcom pilot for Delusional Donovan a story of an 8-year-old boy and his hallucinations induced by witnessing a shocking event. Writer/Director/Producer duo Mark “Zebra” Thomas and Devan McGrath (whom we interviewed last week) are currently shopping around for networks interested in airing the offbeat comedy so you will likely have to wait awhile to see the show screened again, but get ready for its TV release, because it’s a big success.

One of the crew told me just before the screening grab several drinks, as it would make the show funnier. But mere sips into my first cocktail I was already shaking with laughter. In fact, I think I’m lucky vodka wasn’t coming out of my nose.

Much ado is made of the backstory, that young Donovan is in a fragile mental state due to trauma, but Stray Cat doesn’t actually address that at all. Instead it jumps right in and introduces us to an amazing cadre of characters. This might be a tad confusing for those who haven’t followed the active Portland hype, but could be easily remedied with a title sequence makeover. Though I’m a fan of the short and sweet, and Donovan‘s opening animation is simple yet effective, there’s got to be some background available once it makes it to the wider television audience.

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Interview with ‘Delusional Donovan’ producers Devan McGrath and Mark “Zebra” Thomas

Portland may not be a film and television capital on the scale of New York or LA, but we’ve got an increasing number of small screen shows filming here. And while we’re excited for the big releases, everyone knows Portland’s heart lives with the indie production. It’s only one of the many reasons I’m so excited to see Delusional Donovan a new locally made TV show premiering its pilot this Saturday at Mississippi Studios.

The darkly humorous sitcom follows the hallucinations of 8-year-old Donovan, who lives in in an imaginary world after witnessing a traumatic event. He is aided by his enabling mother, who tries to craft the world to his delusions, and his stoner neighbors. Writer and Producer Mark “Zebra” Thomas described it to sponsor publication BePortland:

The story is based on this overbearing very bizarre mother who does everything she can to manipulate the world around her, so Donovan only sees these sweet innocent visions. It’s not about her building a bridge between the real world and his world, it’s about making the entire world what his world sort of really is, and bringing that world to him.

qPDX took a break to sit down with Thomas, along with Director Devan McGrath to tell us more about the Episode 1: Stray Cat and people behind the scenes of DD, including producer and writer John Camacho, production manager Allison May, director of photography Josh Kletzkin, production designer Eric Sellers and actors Amber Martin, Splendora, and Dylan Hall as Donovan.

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Sissyboy and the return of Blow Pony…Saturday night was a doozy


'Sissyboy Washes Up' Photo by Marty Davis / Just Out

This weekend was pretty epic. Indeed the fact/excuse that this review is a day or two late is testament to just how big a queer party weekend it was.

Friday started it off with an extremely packed and sweaty Fruitcake which may quickly outgrow its britches, and perhaps already has, in the fine tradition of upstarts such as Booty. But it was Saturday’s combo of 2 big returns, Sissyboy and Blow Pony, that truly raised the roof.

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The return of the Sissyboys


The Sissyboy troupe

After an epic final show in October 2007, the unabashedly naughty Sissyboy shock drag troupe called it quits, and the gentlemen all, literally, went their own ways. But the dream never died. Various related performance groups arose and the Sissyboys released an underground documentary film.

Key member, Splendora (aka Lee Kyle), continued to perform around Portland before moving to New York City. Amazed at the Big Apple’s timidity, Kyle was determined to reunite the boys for a truly envelope-pushing east coast performance. Luckily, we get to see it first.

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Pride celebration Main and Cafe Stage schedules


Uh Huh Her

There’s a million and 1 Pride related parties and events but the Waterfront Village celebration itself sports some talented performers, and all at donation prices. And now that you can carry your beer throughout the booths in the lovely lighthearted PDX sunshine, it might be hard to pull yourself away.

Here are a few acts that make our hit list followed by a complete lineup:

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PLGFF review: ‘Sissyboy’ and ‘Whatever Happened To Fannie Mae?’


Sissyboy goes away


Boys will be: Alone in our rooms


Oh so much more than a Splendora review

I have been quite lax in my duties as blogger. Could I use the excuse that John Cameron Mitchell just tuckered my poor little queer brain out? Possibly, but I did want to tell you all how fabulous Lee Kyle’s sold out "Maybe I’m Just Like My Mother" show was, though going to the second to last performance made it a bit less useful. Nevertheless I enlisted the help of my darling gf Jane Larson to do a guest post review of the show. This is what I got back. And though it portrays me as something of a moron, its bizarre and amazing wit is worth any mocking I may endure.

So I told my partner, girlfriend, sugarpants the other day that things come in threes. She was puzzled by this statement, so I said it two more times.

"You know," I said, "Like when you hear a word that you don’t know and then you hear it again and then you hear it a third time and it’s sealed in your memory?"

Pregnant pause…

"Okay, okay," I say, "How about that movie Candyman, when the lady says his name three times and then he comes screaming out of the mirror to kill ya…."


It’s at this point that I just continue along whatever yellow brick road of thought I have created for myself and she listens, ’cause she’s good like that.

"Well, first of all we went to that Splendora show, Maybe I am just like my Mother, on Friday night at the Back Door Theater, and he shows a film clip of himself in the shower (grrrr) singing that song from the Little Mermaid.

She replies with the standard, "uh huh…"

"Then we went in our little girl bike gang to the Irvington neighborhood garage sale and since we were on bikes I had to buy a bag to carry my booty in. Remember that I found that kiddie backpack…The Little Mermaid one…and then all of us road our bikes and sang the song…"

She replies, "Riiiiight…"

"And THEN, we were watching TV and it turns out that The Little Mermaid is being re-released on DVD this week and we heard the song again!! TaDa…Three!"

This is usually when I sit back in whatever chair I am in and fold my hands behind my head and revel in my smarty-pants-ness. And she smiles at me blankly. Sometimes I think she’s afraid…it’s one of those frozen smiles, you know?

The rollercoaster that is a conversation with me continues as I take a sharp left and careen back to the beginning of my list, which was really what I wanted to discuss in the first place but I thought the filler story was a delight as well. That beginning being the Splendora show, "Maybe I am just like my Mother."

Goodness, Mary…it was delicious. Like drinking a champagne cocktail in a vat of créme brulee. It was a feast for the eyes as Lee opened with an excruciatingly slow piece of performance art that involved stacking rocks at the hair shrine of what can only have been his mothers wig altar. What came next was a casual, coffee chat between Lee and about 70 of his closest friends. He breaks the audience/actor barrier in a way that would have made Bertholt Brecht weep and beg for mercy. He spoke to us over ice tea in his sunroom. He spoke to us while getting ready for a show in the cramped dressing rooms at the Wonder Ballroom. He talked to us about his life, his family and himself while we played Nintendo in his basement on beanbag chairs. There was no pretense or sing song in his speech, there were no lines, there was only easy conversation. And when the conversation died down, as it tends to between friends, he brought on the multimedia festival of gross. A gross that was so deliciously funny that I smile in business meetings just remembering his turning his mother’s sheer Legg’s pantyhose into a man’s most important part and drinking a mysterious yellow liquid from a bottle. The songs that accompanied these two pieces were pants-peeing funny. Disturbingly so. I do find myself humming these occasionally but the tunes always turn into the little mermaid….singing her heart out…slapping her tail on that big rock for emphasis….sing it with me now: " I wanna be where the people are…"

PS: When you type in Solendora into Google it corrects it for you.
PPS: Clay Aiken is gay. His new name is Gay Clay.

Love Always,