Pride 2009 in review

Sam Adams' bike contingent at Pride 2009

Now that we are all finally recovered from our hangovers it’s time to reflect on the weekend. It was a wild success that saw the gorgeous Miss Sabel Scities win Portland’s Drag Race, 115 floats, thousands of attendees, very few protesters and about a million parties.

Below are my weekend highlights but we really want to hear yours, so comment below!


Burlesquire’s first full-length show in review

Burlesquire photo courtesy SinnSavvy Productions

The men of Burlesquire are very cute. They are also very talented. The opening number of their first full-length performance, Mannequin, was a 5 piece bit of choreography that was very much Backstreet Boys meets La la Cage aux Folles. That, along with a very typical comedienne drag queen emcee, Miss Genesis Wild, created a first impression that teetered on the edge of trite. […]