What’s in Beth Ditto’s bag

Former local Beth Ditto may no longer belong to us, as her UK popularity has prompted a move to London, but this blog has obsessed over her for so long now it’s doubtful that will abate much. That’s why I will continue to update you with news such as what’s in Ditto’s purse. The last page of Marie Claire‘s May issue features the Gossip frontwoman talking about what’s inside her handbag.

Quotidian items include “101” straggler earrings; a maxi pad; a Burger King receipt (not Burgerville Ditto? I’m slightly offended); and a screwdriver. But Ditto’s more excited about the virtual “things” she carries around on her iPhone, especially the Fruit Ninja app.

If you want to eat healthier snacks — I swear to God — get the Fruit Ninja app. It’s this weird game where you drag your finger across the screen to slice fruit. Suddenly, you’ll be like, ‘Oh my God, I could really go for an apple right now.’ It’s the most refreshing app of all time.

For a full size image of the Marie Claire spread click here.

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