Downtown overflowed yesterday with the sun kissed checks of various species of queer. Yours truly marched, or rather tried to keep her bike upright while holding a camera, with Queer Revolution and the Dyke March, who boldly proclaimed their place in the parade without giving into any of PrideNW’s red tape. Yet the merging was, mercifully, peaceful.

So peruse the photos aplenty. This is just a snippet of the characters I saw, the tamer and more clothed among them. As a whole the parade this year was quite a bit more entertaining than last year’s overabundance of rather plainly outfitted church-goers. Hey, I’m all for welcoming congregations, but a parade needs a fair amount of drag, of whatever kind, to truly be entertaining.

The O took a couple pictures as well, and have their own take on the day. Although the quote from the Salem couple, that Pride is the only day of the year they can hold hands without feeling awkward, makes me very sad. It may not always be safe to display queer public affection, but to let others dictate what feels awkward to you is just disppointing on so many levels. Pride may be once a year, but I celebrate it so that I remember that I am NEVER ashamed or embarrassed to love who I love. And by the way, one such loved individual looked adorable perched on her Peugeot, with her little fist raised in solidarity, in front of Queer Revolution’s coffin. Li’l J I’m proud to hold your hand all year long.

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