Get your raunchy comedy, your Rebel Grrl and your Sass Patrol ready for a weekend of the old and the new, the Bent and the blue

Claw vs. Claw plays Saturday at the 1 year anniversary of Rebel Girl

Don’t forget Electrogals, which continues all week. And check out an interview with founder Heather Perkins from earlier in the week.


Fist: Electro queer night – New dance night at a new venue. And we like new and different don’t we? Jams from DJ Hookerface so be prepared. This is an electro night and Hooker and I used to rave a decade ago so shit’s gonna be real, and hella danceable.

Smutty Clown open mic – Here in P-Town we like to make everything dirty. So naturally, we already had dirty poetry, now we need dirty comedy. I’m a huge fan of the innuendo myself, as anyone who has spent time with me after 5 o’clock can tell you. I also appreciate sexy comedians. So who knows what to expect from those signing up but it’s hosted by Whitney Streed and Sterling Clark (basically the template they used for Portlandia‘s “…all the hot girls wear glasses… line) so you know it’ll be off to a good start.


Bent featuring General Meow – Special guest General Meow from Seattle and candid shots from Dan Ostergren Photography will make for a tough balance of the intense desire to dance vs. the need to look cool in those “candids” at this be scene Nopo party.

Concientízate! – Come celebrate Latin culture and get HIV tested at the same time to commemorate National Latino AIDS Awareness Day. Free rapid testing (results in 20 min) and free food. It’s an important cause but it’s going to be the empanadas that would get me there. Also, lots of amazing Latin art and music.

Cock Block – It’s the ladies dominating the dance floor and the decks at this Groove Suite production so boyz, don’t front.


Rebel Grrl 1 year anniversary -It’s been a year since DJs Slutshine and Brodeya brought us all back to our riot grrl roots at our favorite inner Nopo dive bar. Usually it’s just nostalgia on the sound system but this night features live bands from the Not Enough Project! Claw vs. Claw, Cochinos and XXXPLOSIONZZZ! Pure punk rock magic.

Gaycaton! – This party has managed to stay hip and fun for 6 years and that’s damn impressive. DJ at the helm Mr Charming is also our DJ of the Week. Oh and it’s her birthday so either Holocene or all of us are sure to get her tipsy. I think that’ll make it even more fun, at least if she DJs first…Oh yeah, and there’s also the gift of DJ Chelsea Starr. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a day to thank your mama you were born.


Preview Kaj-Anne Pepper's GenderFantasy Sunday at Sass Patrol

Sass Patrol: A benefit for Genderfantasy – We are certainly working up to something big with this December’s debut of Kaj-Anne Pepper‘s GenderFantasy. The anticipation is killing me but thank goddess we have all these little sneak peaks to keep us going this long hard winter. You get a 15 min preview this time in addition to cabaret of local dance, drag and song by Chi Chi and Chonga, Cattitude, The Julians, Feyonce, Fannie Mae Darling and more. (Oh my god, haven’t seen Catitude in forever!)

Family Feud Superstar Drag Divas megashow – I love Family Feud because it’s not based on real knowledge but rather a knowledge of how your peers may answer a question. Unscientific and perfect to showcase catty answers from divalicious drag queens. Hosted by Bolivia “Dawson” Carmichaels and featuring the brassy Honey Bea Hart & special guest Felicity Carmichaels.

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