Fill your weekend with an Inferno of Madge and Blow Po, comedy, lit and country dance

All the events you don’t want to miss in Portland’s gay weekend. […]

This weekend welcomes back Homomentum, celebrates 4 years of Fat Fancy and gets some Easy Moustache Madness

Gillicorn Blessing is going to make you believe in myths and legends. Photo by Erika Stanley.


Start your weekend right with 2 great neighborhood favs Dirtbag and Sweet Tea. Just a heads up for the newbies cuz the rest of you all should know this.


Homomentum presents Myths & Legends – That gayest of vaudeville drag revivals (I think that was redundant but, really, it’s that gay) returns fora 3rd year running to give you some of the weirdest, wildest, and hottest dance and performance art in queer Portland (yeah, pretty gay). Opening month will feature epic tales and fantastic journeys re-imagined through drag and debacuherous storytelling. And who better to tell this story than one of the featured performers, Gillicorn Blessing (did you know that a group of unicorns is called a blessing?), who I hear will also be debuting a new member.

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Stuff you don’t want to miss this week

santaUnfortunately, I am out of town and will be missing most of these fabulous events. It also means that because of their sheer number I cannot preview all that I would like, but each are in the calendar and I want to give you a quick heads up on the ones you absolutely should not miss.


If you don’t already have plans be sure to check out Poison Waters Notorious Noel tonight at The Original (300 SW 6th). Ms. Waters is likely to speak for herself but check out the holiday festivities getting ready photos at Byron Beck‘s blog. I’m sure he’ll recap as well.

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Gay Square Dance @ The Village Ballroom!

To be honest, my first reaction when my friend asked me to come to gay square dancing with them was amused disbelief. Square dancing? Isn’t that a country thing? With queermos? In Portland?

Square Dancing @ The Village Ballroom

Square Dancing @ The Village Ballroom

I felt way to British (read: stiff-upper-lip) to be seen howdying around to country music, but, if ever learned anything, getting over myself sometimes is a good thing. Rejecting everything outright isn’t very sexy. It’s also not the foundation for diverse journalistic coverage of this awesome town! So although I skipped the cowboy boots, I did go to the square dancing, and although I didn’t get to dance (I can be shy, and my shoulder is out of order) I did make a promise to try it next time!

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