Why we aren’t in the Pride Guide this year – reservations about the deal with Willamette Week

The 2008 qPDX Pride Guide ad

This Wednesday the Willamette Week, the alternative newsweekly that was given the rights to publish the Pride Guide this year, released the 2011 official Portland Pride Guide. Unfortunately, you won’t see us in it.

qPDX has had an ad in the Pride Guide for the last 4 years so it feels a little sad to be left out this year, but it just had to be. Ultimately, it was about cost, but there are a few things that gave us pause, including the implication that Willamette Week wouldn’t necessarily run articles concerning the LGBT community without striking a business deal.

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Weekend picks, Halloween edition

Fannie Mae Darling in 'Trannysnatchers'

This is the weekend that all the gay ghouls come out of the woodwork for All Hallow’s Eve mayhem. So whether your pleasure is tricks or treats there’s bound to be a party, or 2, for you.


Cafeteria, HomoDeluxe and Drop ShopThursday isn’t particularly spooky, although I have no doubts there will be some excellent costumes at “lunch trays and ghoulish gays” themed Cafeteria. Dead lunch ladies? Zombie assistant principals? Vampire cheerleaders?


Crave‘s Halloween Bash – Sexy undead go go dancers and the chance to show your own go go off with costume prizes in several categories like originality, scariest, sexiest, nerdiest and cutest couple. The featured drink of the night is ‘Monster Punch,’ sweet/sour and strong, and it’s only 2 bucks before 10. Plus VIP passes and incentives for friends makes this the it party for girls.

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Red Dress pics

2 hot guys in red dresses courtesy Marty Davis / Just Out

We here at qPDX were not able to attend the season’s reddest fundraiser of the year, but tons of pictures were taken of 2010’s RedRum themed Red Dress. Just Out’s Marty Davis has a Red Dress Gallery 1 and 2. Local gossip blogger Byron Beck also has almost 200 images of the rouge frocks. And […]

Conversations from the Gayborhood

Photo by Ashley Bedford

Kendall Clawson, executive director of the Q center, has been referred to as Gay-prah—aka the gay Oprah—by Portland gossip extraordinaire Byron Beck. After meeting her myself in her cozy corner office at the Q, I am compelled to second that notion….to an extent.

Without a doubt, she radiates an Oprah-esque charisma, resolve and allure. But the conceitedness and ostentation? It just doesn’t exist in Clawson, whose primary concern is the LGBT community, not her own self-interest. The minute I met her, I suspected I would spend the next hour of my time doing two things: laughing and learning. And I wasn’t let down.

My chat with Clawson was so rich with info that I’ve divided the interview into two parts. This week, Clawson talks with me about the Winter Gala (pronounced GAY-la for this occasion), her favorite Portland personalities, and which character she would date from the L word.

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Stuff you don’t want to miss this week

santaUnfortunately, I am out of town and will be missing most of these fabulous events. It also means that because of their sheer number I cannot preview all that I would like, but each are in the calendar and I want to give you a quick heads up on the ones you absolutely should not miss.


If you don’t already have plans be sure to check out Poison Waters Notorious Noel tonight at The Original (300 SW 6th). Ms. Waters is likely to speak for herself but check out the holiday festivities getting ready photos at Byron Beck‘s blog. I’m sure he’ll recap as well.

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More Sam and Beau: Adams recall Breedlove event planning gossip

Photo by Michael Lloyd / The Oregonian

Jasun Wurster (center) filed a petition to recall Mayor Sam Adams this morning. Attorney Erin Fitzgerald accompanied Wurster as they filed the papers with Andrew Carlstrom, left, of the city auditor's office. Michael Lloyd / The Oregonian

We are a bit slow on the uptake, seeing as it was two days ago that Jasun Wurster, leader of the campaign to recall Mayor Sam Adams, officially filed his paperwork. In our defense is was mostly due to technical site issues that barred us from entering anything at all!

Wurster and the rest of the Recall Sam Adams campaign have 90 days to collect 50,000 signatures. They have at least 17,800 so far.

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Pride weekend begins…Thursday parties


RuPaul Drag Race winner Bebe, will make a special guest appearance at the Portland Edition finale

Take a deep breath my friends, because Pride weekend is here…You might want to take this evening to relax and prepare. I’m sure I’m gonna wreck the closet tonight. Because the fun starts tomorrow and it just ain’t gonna stop for days. And each day qPDX will preview the night’s happenings, making sure to highlight our picks. So get your Red Bull and vodka together and try not to spill on that party dress, because it’s gonna be a doozy.

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Video promo for this weekend’s Strut fashion show

Although they could have culled the 3 minute promo to a more svelte minute or minute-thirty the promo for this weekend’s Strut fashion show, a benefit for Basic Rights Oregon takign place at Luxe Autohaus (410 NE 17th) this Saturday May 16th at 7pm, is still worth watching.

And, according to Byron Beck, RuPaul’s Drag Race: Portland Edition contestants will be “competing” following the the catwalk fest:

The girls […]