Fill your weekend with an Inferno of Madge and Blow Po, comedy, lit and country dance

Allie McQueen performs Saturday at Blow Pony


Queer Country Dancing at IOW – The first of two Americana-inspired body rockin’ for queers this weekend will have you swinin’ your partner round and round no matter what you’re dressed in.


Hotflash presents Inferno – Special guest from sunny SoCal drag king Landon Cider starts your Saturday right. Plus the new venue has 2 floors for your dancing pleasure and to keep your social butterfly wings flapping. Maybe one room will have genre music?

The Madonna party – There are a few gay tropes that will never die and Madonna is one of them. Can you believe the real thing is still making music? It may not have the brilliance of her 1980s work but ol’ Madge is still workin’ it and you know that birthday boy/girl Carla Rossi will be too.

Blow Pony vs. Allie McQueen – The iconic alterna-queer night has barely recovered from last month’s 5 year blowout with Leslie and the Lys but they’re back in full force with dancing Barbie Allie McQueen.

Rebel Grrl with guest Kasio Smashio – New little powerhouse DJ Kasio Smashio will be on hand in my favorite too-nicely-themed-to-be-a-real-dive-bar Sloans. The ladies are killin’ it this weekend.


Bitch Media presents An evening with Everett Maroon – Bumbling into Body Hair: Tales of an Accident-Prone Transsexual is title that makes me want to attend this literary event all on its own. Maroon will be leading discussions on LGBT civil rights, popular culture, and community empowerment. But I might be more excited to talk his speculative fiction and how it intersects (intersex) with the more reality based memoir.

Everett Maroon

Dana Goldberg live – Oh you are sorry you missed out on winning free tickets to this funny lady voted in the top 5 most hilarious of lesbians. But it’s worth the price anyway so get your ass out there to start your belly jigglin’ with laughter.

Gender Free Square Dance – If you were inspired by Friday’s gay square dancing (or if you missed it) you can have another go around in a big space with nice floors. Formerly weekly, this any and all welcome square dance is now 4th Sundays monthly. Oh, and one of the callers is fantastic queer community caller Montana Jane.

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