Stuff you don’t want to miss this week

santaUnfortunately, I am out of town and will be missing most of these fabulous events. It also means that because of their sheer number I cannot preview all that I would like, but each are in the calendar and I want to give you a quick heads up on the ones you absolutely should not miss.


If you don’t already have plans be sure to check out Poison Waters Notorious Noel tonight at The Original (300 SW 6th). Ms. Waters is likely to speak for herself but check out the holiday festivities getting ready photos at Byron Beck‘s blog. I’m sure he’ll recap as well.


Real queer porn is tough to come by, although rentals will soon be available at newly opened She Bop sex toy shop (stay tuned for more info!). And though most of us might be more inclined to enjoy it in the privacy of our own filthy bedrooms, Portland is wonderfully community oriented, even in our raunch. That’s why the cancellation of the first queer porn showing that was supposed to take place last month at Rumpspankers was particularly disappointing.

But another local bar has taken up the task and so this Wednesday sees not one but two great porn flicks on the big screen. Savory Pink Productions and Crush Bar (1400 SE Morrison) will be showing both Speakeasy and The Wild in their first Double Hump Feature, complete with raffle prizes for the good boys and girls alike.


A cocktail party to raise money for a queer youth organization might seem a little wrong but we’re queer and it’s the holidays. It’s all a little wrong, including their amazing hot Santa promo picture. The entrance and cocktails are all technically free at the SMYRC Christmas Fundraiser at 909 NW 19th, as are pictures with Santa. Don’t be a grinch and make sure to make liberal use of the donation boxes.

For those of you more into the country fare, you can get down with the first ever Queer Square Dance. A wonderfully intimate atmosphere, live music and great peeps will make you rethink your dislike of down home culture.


The flyer for the Nice Package: Queer Holiday Party at Holocene is certainly queer enough, but it’s not Christmas balls I’m seeing. Nevertheless, DJs Girlfriends, Lifepartner and TransFat invite to to spread your holiday cheer all over the dance floor. And believe me, they can make you do it.

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  • litchick

    I was hoping you’d be available for pictures w/ Santa. Still hope you might be able to make it. I think I will ask your cousin. Wish I could bring grandma. That would be a hoot. It’s a great cause and I intend to be as generous as possible for the sake of those terrific kids!!!