This weekend welcomes back Homomentum, celebrates 4 years of Fat Fancy and gets some Easy Moustache Madness

Gillicorn Blessing is going to make you believe in myths and legends. Photo by Erika Stanley.


Start your weekend right with 2 great neighborhood favs Dirtbag and Sweet Tea. Just a heads up for the newbies cuz the rest of you all should know this.


Homomentum presents Myths & Legends – That gayest of vaudeville drag revivals (I think that was redundant but, really, it’s that gay) returns fora 3rd year running to give you some of the weirdest, wildest, and hottest dance and performance art in queer Portland (yeah, pretty gay). Opening month will feature epic tales and fantastic journeys re-imagined through drag and debacuherous storytelling. And who better to tell this story than one of the featured performers, Gillicorn Blessing (did you know that a group of unicorns is called a blessing?), who I hear will also be debuting a new member.

Deep Cuts: for the Music Enthusiast – Non-pop without the pretentiousness and only a little emo tears here and there. And rumor mill suggests they might be named one of our best new club nights of the year, so don’t you think it’s worth checkin’ out?

Queer Square Dance benefit for Books 2 Prisoners – We do love our philanthropic partying don’t we? And why not? Hedonism goes well with compassion. So get down western style so that prisoners can read and you can swing your same sex partner round and round. It’s a win win.


4 years of Fat Fancy, a rock’n’soul dance party – DJ Action Slacks is probably the best dressed DJ in town, so it’s only appropriate that she’s the ascot behind the decks and a fundraiser for Portland’s trendiest plus size clothing store. They’re making a final push to raise money to sell online so that big boys and girls outside the Portland area can still be as stylish as us lucky Cascadians. FF is one of the few of these independent bastions of fashion left so its imperative we support them. And don’t worry, because they’re making it easy by playing soul and grrl punk all night long in what will surely be one of the hippest nights Crush has seen in awhile.

Easy: Moustache Madness – Kinda my dream come true. The lovin’ and easy 70s returns to create a little 1972 Castro in the heart of genderqueer 2012 Portland. Burt Reynolds style facial hair on everybody and some Village People tight tank tops. Make you you stop by this very first edition to pop Easy’s cherry, because you know the downfall of the 80s is nigh.

EASY presents Mustache Madness 1/7/12 from James Monahan on Vimeo.


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