Photos from the Haunted opening at Hamburger Marys and the Zombie Formal at Junktion

The Tampon Troupe with Hamburger Mary

Halloween weekend is already off to a ghoulish and garish start. Last night qPDX stopped by Hamburger Mary’s Haunted Opening before heading over to the Local Lounge for Junktion’s Zombie Formal and got photos from both.

Marys hosts ChiChi and Chonga riled the packed crowd with their musical drag prowess but the Tampon Troupe truly stole the show.

The Zombie Formal […]

Cafeteria continues the Queer Dance fun

Once again, Cafeteria was off the hook.

For the second time, the last-thursday-of-the-month dance night graced the streets of North Portland at the lovely Vendetta bar.

Here are some pics from the night and more in our photo gallery:

Cafeteria II-88

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The weekend in pics - Photos from the Tranny Roadshow and Crave's Purple Rain party

Punk roots rock and insurgent country musician Shawna Virago. Photo by CROD

This Friday the Tranny Roadshow was in town and new qPDX photo contributor Clara Rodriguez was there to catch all the action in photos, in case you missed it.

Meanwhile I was around the bend at Crave‘s Purple Rain party which was a royal success. And the Prince-themed party has plenty of photos courtesy OSI […]

Photos from Cassell on Earth

Stephen Cassell with Mayor Sam Adams. Photo by Wayne Bund

This weekend marked not only another year on earth for local marketing guru Stephen Cassell but also one of the who’s who parties of the LGBTQ community. Yours truly was there, Mayor Sam Adams was there, and a whole host of other party-goers including fellow blogger Byron Beck, Fat Fancy‘s Carlee Smith, Marty Davis, Lisa Schroeder, Roey […]