Saying Goodbye to Kick/Ball/Change


Catitude at the last Kick/Ball/Change

This Sunday saw the final installment of the queer dance extravaganza, Kick/Ball/Change. The performance, which included regulars such as Untrained, I, Catitude, and Beefcake Burlesque, also featured newcomers Under the Radar and a sexy solo by Carlee Smith. And though there were moments of hilarity and fabulousness, the performance was also tinged with sadness. And now we must be in mourning.

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Kick / Ball / Change: A review

Kick, Ball, Change. A PDX dance showcase. I had no idea what to expect (except dancing) but this being a PantsOff production, I knew it had to be good.

Untrained, I Dance Company

Untrained, I Dance Company

And I was not disappointed. Kick / Ball / Change is not a queer event per se, but it’s anti-authoritarian, DIY, gender-blurring, pop culture-referring, ruckus attitude has all the appeal of Portland’s best queer events – it’s clear that organizers Jodi Bon Jodi and Max Voltage’s many years of organizing and performing queer events are indelible from both their passion and their art.

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Kick / Ball / Change Photo Gallery

While we’re all still to overwhelmed (in a fantastic, magical,”let’s put on your red shoes and dance the blues” kinda way by the event that was Kick/Ball/Change, I neverless found a few spare hours to upload the photos we took.

We have the world’s shittiest camera because we’re so fly-by-night (have one you wanna donate?) so I apologize for some quality issues. Also, we had trbl getting good shots […]