Kick / Ball / Change: A review

Kick, Ball, Change. A PDX dance showcase. I had no idea what to expect (except dancing) but this being a PantsOff production, I knew it had to be good.

Untrained, I Dance Company

Untrained, I Dance Company

And I was not disappointed. Kick / Ball / Change is not a queer event per se, but it’s anti-authoritarian, DIY, gender-blurring, pop culture-referring, ruckus attitude has all the appeal of Portland’s best queer events – it’s clear that organizers Jodi Bon Jodi and Max Voltage’s many years of organizing and performing queer events are indelible from both their passion and their art.

Kick / Ball / Change is not only a dance move – in this context it is a solo piece, an ensembled cavalcade of glitter and glam, a chicken vs. fox dance of seduction, a legitimization of cat based art, a threesome, forceful, punchy hip hop moves, a group of friends, a masquerade, classical training, DIY attitude, experience and neophytism. Kick / Ball / Change features artists from a diverse range of dance, each bringing their own style and vision to the stage. Our journey was guided by Sossity Chiricuzio, whose wit, honesty and accessibility gave real warmth to the show, establishing a firm connection between both performers and audience.

Sossity Chiricuzio hosting Kick / Ball / Change

Sossity Chiricuzio hosting Kick / Ball / Change

Starting off this last KBC was Untrained, I, a company that encourages untrained dancers to get involved in dance, thus making dance accessible. Their changing performances were energetic, innovative and varied, moving from a trio to radtastic hip hop to jumpsuits to tutus on milk crates. They never did anything “expected”, and thus set the bar for the entire show. Katrina O’Brien from KO&CO. wowed us with a solo piece that involved big boots, big gestures, big stares, and lots throwing herself around-and confronting the audience at the edge of the stage by forcing them to look at her up close. Unseen Hip Hop’s perfectly choreographed hip hop moves had me wowed, despite being the “straightest” performance on stage. Beefcake Burlesque served up a unique slice of boylesque, while Kaj-Anne Pepper abstracted, in a mass of exploding glitter, bowie-esque fever dreams, and pop music. Cattitude stole the show, however, with their rompingly rollicking fun that featured moments of “can you really believe we’re watching this?” and sheer audience pleasing madness wrapped up in a big furball of glitter, glam and gusto.

Katrina OBrien from KO&CO. at Kick / Ball / Change

Katrina O'Brien from KO&CO. at Kick / Ball / Change

What a show. Kick / Ball / Change delivered perfectly, just as the name says  – a kick in the balls and a change in direction of what a dance showcase should and could be. I know any dance performance I will ever see has to live up to Kick / Ball / Change: For its uniqueness, its power, its diversity, its unabashed pursuit of vision, and its glory.

The next (and final) Kick / Ball / Change will return to the Someday Lounge on Sunday, August 9th. Tix $10 in advance (so cheap!) at Brownpapertickets (on sale soon!), $12 at the door. Still a steal.

You would be well advised not to miss it.

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  • it was a true pleasure to be a part of this show – the respect and appreciation backstage, on stage, and between the stage and the audience was mutual and exhilarating! so many styles of dance, so much personality, and such obvious skill – i'm still grinning …

  • Thanks for the gaymazing review, Perry! Feedback like this is what keeps us going, inspires us to continue producing and creating and experimenting! I'm soo looking forward to the third and final instalment in August!

  • CtotheBrooks

    Excited to see this kind of stuff when i move back. Until then, your recaps will hold me over…

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