Photos from last night’s ‘Peep Show’

Yours truly was too lazy to make it out into the rain on a school night but luckily Melody Awesomazing and Myriah J. Day were there to not only catch all the action on “film” (um, SD card?) but took up room on the stage and in brilliant flashy costumery. I’m sad I missed the show, but happy I get to see evidence in the photo gallery below.

And […]

The New Fusion: Thai Food Meets Drag

Chinky strikes a pose during her number

Located at 1639 NW Glisan St. you will find Oasisba Asian Fusion and Bar formally known as Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine. On the 19th of September 2010, Oasisba opened its doors and started putting on a show.

Drag Queen/Female illusionists now double as servers and entertainment. They seat you, serve your food, and still find time to get up on stage and perform.

Our servers/performers for the night were Phaedra Knight and “Chinky.” After our cocktails, a refreshing Basil Martini (made with Absolute Mandarin & Citron, triple-sec, lemon juice, and sweet basil leaves), and a “Thai Me Down” (Thai Iced Tea with cream and Maker’s Mark) were served the show began.

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Burlesquire makes for an early weekend but don’t forget to ‘Drop Shop’ it, bend it, ‘Stain’ it, (Dirt)bag it and get some ChiChi and Chonga

Burlesquire performs monthly at Burlesque in Boyland


Burlesque in Boyland with BurlesquireThe weekend just keeps getting earlier! Forget that I’m currently missing out on both Peep Show and Gay Survivor at the moment, tomorrow ushers in the inaugural boylicious burlesque show with Burlesquire. Though there may be male strippers aplenty no one has the sexy shakin’ it skills like these boys. They are loved by lesbians even. Which is why it is so appropriate that they bejoined by Rose City Siren Delilah Sinn and a host of varied sexy-as-hell genders.


Welfare AIDS film premiere from ChiChi and ChongaThese amazing drag queens have exploded onto the scene in a mere few weeks. I’m already overwhelmed by their amazing performances and hotness. And they’ve already got a film premiere! Shit! It’s also a benefit for AIDS Walk Portland and oh so many drink specials…

Drop Shop afterparty – Don’t worry if the drink specials have you blazed already, just keep on keeping on at Red Cap for Drop Shop right after the film premiere. A combination of Portland favorites strippers and queer DS is helmed by DJ Mani who drops the booty shakin’, ass bouncin’ beats of Nola and the dirty dirty south. Or as close as you can get in this town. Plus pole dancing lead by DQ extraordinaire Exstacy Inferno. Hot.

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Schedule for PSU's Pride week

From the baby dykes to the BDOCs Portland State University is celebrating their Queer Pride week starting today. Here’s a schedule of all the college fun!
All week long:
Mask Making Party in QRC- Make your masks for prom!
Graffiti Wall in QRC- Write about your pride!
Love Makes Family- Art display at the Millar Library!
Monday May 24, 2010
Hip Hop Dancing<

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You still have 2 more chances to see Circus Artemis

One of Britney Walsh's amazing feats of athleticism

If you weren’t there last night and you’re not in attendance right now you have a mere 2 opportunities left to experience the wonder that is Circus Artemis with shows tomorrow at 2 and 7pm. Just because you’ll pay a quarter of the price that you would at Kooza does not mean less amazement. I paid any old man discomfort no heed as I sat on the floor last night looking up at the beautiful flying women above me. You really can’t argue with that.

But aside from simply staring at muscles that just seemed impossible the ladies of the circus approached their routines with humor and style in addition to their artistry.

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Portland (lay) dancers needed for gaytastic Homomentum performace

Come on Portland dancing queens!

Come on Portland dancing queens!

Gay, lesbian, queer dance-fans, listen up! Katrina O’Brien, local Portland dancer and choreographer is looking for 5+ fun loving queers to join a low-key, non-professional lineup of dancers for a one off performance at the last ever (sad!!) Homomentum next month.

No particular skillset needed – you don’t have to be a “dancer” to join, but you do get to work with some talented (Katrina) and funny people (me, for example) who are all very good looking. Super!

More infos under the cut.

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Photos from the first Homomentum: Freakeasy Speakeasy

The photos are up from Homomentum‘s debut performance Freakeasy Speakeasy last Saturday, October 10th at the E Room. Thanks to new contributor Erin Rook for capturing the imagery.

Max and Roz tugging at your heartstrings at the first Homomentum

Homomentum kicks off Saturday with Freakeasy Speakeasy

homomentum oct small

October's Homomentum: Freakasy Speakeasy. Photo by Kina Williams

The Halloween season is upon us, and what better way to to kick off your ghoulish gayness than with a themed cabaret. This Saturday sees the first installment of Pants Off Production’s Homomentum talent shows at the E Room (3701 SE Division) at 8pm.

Crowd favorites Cattitude, Beefcake Burlesque, Untrained, I, and Pidgeon Von Tramp of the Von Foxies will all be a part of the debut performance. Seeing what they do with a sexy/gross 1920s Halloween theme will be creepily mesmerizing.

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Kick / Ball / Change Photo Gallery

While we’re all still to overwhelmed (in a fantastic, magical,”let’s put on your red shoes and dance the blues” kinda way by the event that was Kick/Ball/Change, I neverless found a few spare hours to upload the photos we took.

We have the world’s shittiest camera because we’re so fly-by-night (have one you wanna donate?) so I apologize for some quality issues. Also, we had trbl getting good shots […]

weekend’s almost over…but one big event yet to come!

And it’s time for a little half time recap. (well, technically a 2/3rds time recap, but who cares, right?) It’s been a busy few days indeed!

Kick / Ball / Change @ The Someday Lounge

Kick / Ball / Change @ The Someday Lounge

Thursday saw me hit RedCap for a little update on RuPaul’s drag race, which I have been checking in with since my first review, which you can find here. The Portland edition doesn’t have eliminations, so all the girls were still in the race-and had the task of choreographing a dance number to RuPaul’s own “Supermodel” (yes that super gay dance number from the early 90’s). Overall, both teams did well, but Team Alexis sadly took a wrong turn on the costume front, picking lavender onesies that were not flattering at all. Also, their choreo was messy. I had expected more from Alexis. Team Kelly stole the Lipsynch For Your Life trophy with excellent dresses, makeup, and teamwork. Their choreo was sometimes a little flat, but overall well done. Sable Scities is most definitely the strongest dancer in the group, and stands a strong chance of walking away with the prize of being the Northwest’ Fiercest Drag Queen if she can keep up the pace. A great show, with the usual witty banter between Poison Waters and Byron Beck. Sadly, Isiah from Burlesquire should stick to what he does best (and he really does do it very well) – Dancing. Being a commentator or a judge is not your strong point, Isiah.

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