Siren Nation Festival returns this weekend

The Lovers play Friday night at Someday Lounge

The Lovers play Friday night at Someday Lounge

The Siren Nation Festival is a celebration of woman-fueled art, music, film, and knowledge. If that sounds like a lot, it is. Beginning with a kick off festival this Thursday the 5th at Olympic Mills Building (107 SE Washington). This free, all ages event from 6-10pm  will feature the DJ talents of DJ Safi and DJ Tender and some spontaneous performance art throughout the night. The Journey” is Siren Nation’s annual fine arts exhibit. Through a variety of media “The Journey” expresses, both the overall journey of women and the personal journey of over 50 Portland Artists.

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Happy Homo Halloween – parties and events


Fruitcake goes all out for All Homo's Eve

Whether you like dressing up in order to explore your faggy sense of fashion, to explore the costumes and the performance on self or just for the silly, scary fun of it all, Halloween is a homo-happy holiday. Here are some of the events you shouldn’t miss. Let the screams begin.

Saturday Oct 24th

Halloween week starts off right with Blow Pony‘s Night of the Living Queens brain draining dance party. Hosted By the Scum queen Artemis Chase with performances by Anna Conda (SF charlie Horse), Glamamore (SF charlie horse), Muthachucka (SF charlie horse), Hoku Mama Swamp (SF charlie Horse), Turleen (SF charlie Horse).

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Saying Goodbye to Kick/Ball/Change


Catitude at the last Kick/Ball/Change

This Sunday saw the final installment of the queer dance extravaganza, Kick/Ball/Change. The performance, which included regulars such as Untrained, I, Catitude, and Beefcake Burlesque, also featured newcomers Under the Radar and a sexy solo by Carlee Smith. And though there were moments of hilarity and fabulousness, the performance was also tinged with sadness. And now we must be in mourning.

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Music video for Storm Large’s (My vagina is…) ‘8 Miles Wide’

One of the queerest straight girls in showbiz Storm Large is a favorite to just about everybody, but locals will especially appreciate the gender-bending hilarity set against familar backdrops such as the Someday Lounge, Mary’s strip club and South park blocks.

Plus it’s just fun to say vagina.

Oh and the song’s pretty good too…


Kick / Ball / Change: A review

Kick, Ball, Change. A PDX dance showcase. I had no idea what to expect (except dancing) but this being a PantsOff production, I knew it had to be good.

Untrained, I Dance Company

Untrained, I Dance Company

And I was not disappointed. Kick / Ball / Change is not a queer event per se, but it’s anti-authoritarian, DIY, gender-blurring, pop culture-referring, ruckus attitude has all the appeal of Portland’s best queer events – it’s clear that organizers Jodi Bon Jodi and Max Voltage’s many years of organizing and performing queer events are indelible from both their passion and their art.

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Kick / Ball / Change Photo Gallery

While we’re all still to overwhelmed (in a fantastic, magical,”let’s put on your red shoes and dance the blues” kinda way by the event that was Kick/Ball/Change, I neverless found a few spare hours to upload the photos we took.

We have the world’s shittiest camera because we’re so fly-by-night (have one you wanna donate?) so I apologize for some quality issues. Also, we had trbl getting good shots […]