Kick / Ball / Change Photo Gallery

While we’re all still to overwhelmed (in a fantastic, magical,”let’s put on your red shoes and dance the blues” kinda way by the event that was Kick/Ball/Change, I neverless found a few spare hours to upload the photos we took.

We have the world’s shittiest camera because we’re so fly-by-night (have one you wanna donate?) so I apologize for some quality issues. Also, we had trbl getting good shots of the first few performances, so sadly there are not a ton of good shots for the first few acts 🙁

Kick Ball Change: Curtain Call

Kick Ball Change: Curtain Call

Anyway, without further ado….enjoy. I’m going to bed now.

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  • i’m so proud to have been part of this show – all the dancers were so skilled and engaging, and the level of creativity was outstanding! i’m looking forward to having a turn in the audience next time so i can just sit back and take it all in …