Athens Boys Choir and Katastrophe to tear up Dunes

Athens Boys Choir's Katz

Athens Boys Choir's Katz

Although it is unlikely that we will ever get that oh-so-catchy pop sensation Fagette out of our heads Athens Boys Choir is back with a brand new single and video for “EZ Heeb.” He’ll bring it live to the stage, along with fellow trans rapper Katastrophe this Thursday at Dunes (1905 NE MLK, 9pm $5).

Although the new vid won’t be out online until May 15th (and don’t worry, we’ll post it as soon as its live) I caught a sneak preview at the release party in NYC last week. To augment the prom dress and tuxedo roller-skating, heart-shaped hot tub bubble bath, and loads of sparrkles and spandex was the truly amazing take that Katz and filmmaker (and former Portlander) Ali Cotterill told of the process of finding a cheap Atlantic City motel in which to record. I’m guessing you might be able to catch it Thursday night as well, which means this show is not to be missed.

Also, an FTM hip-hop artist, Katastrophe is also sure to drop some dope beats. He also has a fairly new video, the fabulous Andy Warhol/Valerie Solanas- inspired satire “Big Deal.” Hip hop has needed an infusion of irreverence for quite awhile now, and I look forward to the album that will eventually follow. Check it out below.

ABC also plays tonight at 8pm in Corvallis at Oregon State University @ Club Escape (MU East Int’l Forum) and Friday at 7:30pm in Eugene at University of Oregon’s Wow Hall.

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