A weekend with Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir, in the Cafeteria, at your local JunKtion and a genderf***ing takeover at CCs

Katz, aka Athens Boys Choir looking dapper

Katz, aka Athens Boys Choir looking dapper

Katastrophe with Athens Boys Choir –It can be tough to find good all-ages happenings but SMYRC has got what you want in awesome ass-kickin’ transguy hip hop visiting for the second time this year. And it’s even free for your younguns under 24. Some hip hoppers to our north may be getting a lot of noise lately but Rocco and Katz have […]

Are you ready for some derby?!

Rose CIty Rollers

Portland has a good number of rec leagues, where anyone with interest and desire can join a team. We also have our pro teams, the Blazers and the Timbers (despite their complete lack of acknowledgment of the queer community, but, hey, that’s a topic for another post).

Finally, we are lucky to have a league that incorporates recreational play for complete beginners as well as awesome […]