A weekend with Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir, in the Cafeteria, at your local JunKtion and a genderf***ing takeover at CCs

Katz, aka Athens Boys Choir looking dapper

Katz, aka Athens Boys Choir looking dapper

Katastrophe with Athens Boys ChoirIt can be tough to find good all-ages happenings but SMYRC has got what you want in awesome ass-kickin’ transguy hip hop visiting for the second time this year. And it’s even free for your younguns under 24. Some hip hoppers to our north may be getting a lot of noise lately but Rocco and Katz have been at it for awhile now, paving the road for other homo hop. They’re talented, they’re irreverent, they’re hot, and apparently old school now…

CafeteriaWish my high school had had $150 PBRs all night…Relive the adolescence you wish you’d had with DJs Lunch Lady, Ill Camino and TransFat.


Don’t forget the PSU Queer Resource Center’s QSoC conference goin’ on all weekend long.

JunKtion!!! – Uber-queer (as per the description) laid back dance party at everyone’s favorite neighborhood homo-owned bar Local Lounge (MLK and Fremont). Free Fridays keeping it real with DJs Brodeya and Trainwreck.


Genderf***ing Takeover returns – A lot of the events Portland hosts are pretty alterna-queer but we still have a few “gay” bars. As accepting as they are the bulk of the clientele often still cling to gender norms and tight Abercrombie t-shirts. But some peeps want to introduce them to the gender bending wonder of it all this Saturday I’m right behind ’em. Start at CCs (SW 2nd and Davis) and go from there? I think you’ll be able to recognize ’em.

Party Rock – Where its at for the state capitol set this is also the official roller derby after party. I DO love an happy hour from 9-11pm but I’m surprised that it says “dress code fully enforced,” especially since another one of their monikers reads “less rules, more party.” But hey, I’m all for less slovenly Portland laziness…

Dangerous Ponies, Hosannas, and Dorota Blues – Last min all ages show at the awesome anarcho-collective Black Rose (Missippi and Shaver-ish). The show features headliners from Philly Dangerous Ponies, who exude a fun and 60s style queer pop style.

Gay Genius book release and dance party – We ain’t the first queers in this world to do cool shit but we are tryin’ to keep it up. And in a very nerdy, meta and postmodern way Gay Genius takes a look at awesome peeps past and present through the lense of a comic anthology. It’s free to party and enjoy the jams from DJ Freddie Fagula and only 20 bucks to get the book edited by Annie Murphy and featuring Sailor Hollday, Jackie Davis, Kubb E. Bear, Ellery Russian, Clio Reese Sady and more. Oh, and you’re encouraged to flowers and photos of your favorite Gay Geniuses for the GG altar. Hella geeky awesome!

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