This Weekend: Crave and Double Down

Glow Party @ Crush tonight

This weekend gives you too solid options to shake your booty and get down.

Tonight is Crave @ Crush is a queer/girl night with drinks specials and plenty of youung, hip ‘tude…and tonight’s theme is Blacklight Party, so get on down there in your whitest gear possible for free glowstick/highlighter action. Now is the chance to affect the one-white-glove-michael-jackson-tribute-look you’ve been needing […]

weekend’s almost over…but one big event yet to come!

And it’s time for a little half time recap. (well, technically a 2/3rds time recap, but who cares, right?) It’s been a busy few days indeed!

Kick / Ball / Change @ The Someday Lounge

Kick / Ball / Change @ The Someday Lounge

Thursday saw me hit RedCap for a little update on RuPaul’s drag race, which I have been checking in with since my first review, which you can find here. The Portland edition doesn’t have eliminations, so all the girls were still in the race-and had the task of choreographing a dance number to RuPaul’s own “Supermodel” (yes that super gay dance number from the early 90’s). Overall, both teams did well, but Team Alexis sadly took a wrong turn on the costume front, picking lavender onesies that were not flattering at all. Also, their choreo was messy. I had expected more from Alexis. Team Kelly stole the Lipsynch For Your Life trophy with excellent dresses, makeup, and teamwork. Their choreo was sometimes a little flat, but overall well done. Sable Scities is most definitely the strongest dancer in the group, and stands a strong chance of walking away with the prize of being the Northwest’ Fiercest Drag Queen if she can keep up the pace. A great show, with the usual witty banter between Poison Waters and Byron Beck. Sadly, Isiah from Burlesquire should stick to what he does best (and he really does do it very well) – Dancing. Being a commentator or a judge is not your strong point, Isiah.

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it’s happening tonight…

We’re currently working on a kik-arse events calendar that will let you see all events going down in P-town at a glance, but until we get that full of content and looking nice, here’s a quick update of what is happening tonight in queer portland.

Recess party, benefit for SMYRC @ Rotture

Recess party, benefit for SMYRC @ Rotture

Double Down @ Holocene, 10th and Morrison. $5 cover. Drinking, dancing, cute people! Come on down-i *may* be there, come  say hi.

Rock ‘n Roll Camp for girls benefit—Alley knows more about this, and while  it’s not strictly a queer event, i’m sure there will be plenty of dykey  people there. 21+, 8900 NE Vancouver Way (deep nopo), $5+ donations.

There is also a benefit for SMYRC happening at Rotture tonight that we didn’t seem to know about until 30 mins ago! (how come). Details fresh in:

Recess party, benefit for SMYRC

Reporter, Slutty Hearts, Advisory, The Catch
DJ stylings by Sister Ray Gun
9pm, $5.00 at the door.

$5-$15 DOLLAR SLIDING SCALE. ALL PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT SMYRC- Sexual Minorities Youth Resource Center. with fun and games including: Double-dutch contest! Live-band musical chairs! All-out Plastic Noodle War! Strip Twister! Full-body fingerpainting! @ROTTURE, 315 SE 3rd AVE, Portland, OR 97214

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