The Butch Project Portland photography shoot — call for models

Internationally recognized Photo- based Artist SD (Shaira) Holman is continuing to explore themes of queer identity in her latest work.

The Butch Project, seeks to explore, document and picture what Butch and female masculinity are in contemporary queer communities. The subjects I work with will include many sizes, shapes, ethnicities and styles of Butch. They will be bold, shy, extravagant, tough, pregnant, silly, sexy …etc. etc.

Verbal and literary definitions of Butch run the risk of stereotyping, as the linearity of language necessitates a one-at-a-time additive or exceptional reading: Butch is this and this and this but not that or that.

In the Butch Project I am positioning Butch as intrinsically queer. I am exploring the complex and contradictory natures of Butch, not trying to explain or dilute or apologize, but to glory in our mercurial and perhaps sometimes confusing natures.

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Butch Voices performer call-out

Mendi tabling for Butch Voices at Latino Gay Pride

This is the big call for ButchVoices’ 2010 Saturday night showcase performance! The show will be on Saturday, Oct. 2nd. Come be part of the action! This is an evening to celebrate people who identify OR perform on the butch spectrum– trans-masculine, studs, aggressives, bois, shy soft butch, genderqueer, androgynes, etc.

We welcome all submissions for performance– anything goes that can happen on a stage. Ensemble dance, performance art, drag numbers, film/video presentations, music performance, comedy, hand whistling, spoken word– show your manly, boyish, tranny, genderqueer stuff to a big queer PDX audience. We welcome you to interpret the labels of “butch” or “masculine” in a creative way; we hope for the evening to be engaging, challenging, and even a bit controversial. The Saturday showcase is open to anyone, with a regional focus on the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

Already booked for Saturday’s show is Ivan E. Coyote, famed queer storyteller & writer. For more information about Ivan’s work, go to

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Eye Candy:Top 100 hottest “Butches”!

Rebecca Drysdale
Rebecca Drysdale

We rarely do fluff here at, although I won’t claim that we always do *serious* reporting either. We sometimes post things just for the eye candy factor of them – but oh so rarely for the girlqueers. We know that’s a complex issue – what’s considered “hot” in dyke circles isn’t always what the mainstream intarweb can provide. So enjoy this sizzling list! And the term “butch” is used to encompass a spectrum of masculinities-there are GQ, old-skool butches and Trans identified people there too. Some of my faves are posted underneath the cut…!

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